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July 10, 2016, 06:46:22 by leon54 | Views: 271 | Comments: 12

Ive just bought a 2016 i30sr manual. The electric park brake does not automatically disengage as i drive off. The user manual states that it does. The service dealer at hyundai didnt know but ending up saying that it only automatically disengages on an automatic vehicle. Due to whats written in the manual and my own personal knowledge of EPB I believe that it should be automatically disengaging. Can anybody advise me re this? Thanks 
June 26, 2016, 15:15:08 by wildviktor | Views: 822 | Comments: 29

Hyundai i30 2008
- Petrol
- 1.6l 92kW 122 (126?) HP
- 5 Gear manual 
- 5 Door 

Ok so I bought the car about two months ago. No issues at all a bit on the slow side with 120+ HP it was still slower than my Opel Astra (101 HP) and friends Ford Focus (106 HP) both petrol. But that did not really bother me since i'm mostly driving around town with maybe once a month on the highway. 

Anyhow  a week or two back  there was an odd noise coming from the engine when I pressed down the clutch kinda like grinding two metal plates against eachother. Hyundai official service told me it was the pushing disc that was worn out (not sure if that's how it's translated) anyhow the clutch, fw and disc.. whole kit had...
June 26, 2016, 12:02:03 by Asterix | Views: 355 | Comments: 7

When getting the car back from the dealer after the glow plug accident, they told me there was wrong type coolant in the system. I had used some blue stuff, as the only info I can find in the owners manuel say: Must contain ethylene glycol. Must not contain alcohol or methanol.
The blue stuff is ethylene glycol based, but they told me it should be the red coolant... :question:

Engine is 2008 1,6 U CRDI
June 21, 2016, 13:13:22 by beerman | Views: 472 | Comments: 12

i30 in the news

(link) 2017 Hyundai i30 spyshots - pictures | Auto Express

Hope the Hybrid makes an appearance at better than the $27k for the Corolla.
June 20, 2016, 17:36:29 by Forlornhope | Views: 642 | Comments: 14

Problems & Issues
Please help I'm having a major problem with my lovely i30 2009. Four days ago I jumped in to my car and turned on the ignition it turned over then stalled. I had no idle at all. Got to work put it kept on stalling about half a mile from work it started to make a horrible engine banging noise. To shorten the story never drove it again but got to work. Car now at local garage but they can't seem to find the problem they tried a coil pack but know luck.They tried taken exhaust off in case of blockage I have had no engine warning lights plus no warning lights no luck. Help plz  :'(
June 17, 2016, 02:55:42 by Jonesyvt | Views: 591 | Comments: 14

Hint & Tips
 :) Hello all. For the serious mechanic with the diesel i30. I have just successfully completed a DIY replacement of the fuel pump on my boys 2008 i30. You should only contemplate this job if you have total understanding around the safety issues with high fuel pressures in CRDI fuel systems and how to reduce the pressure to zero before you open the system. SERIOUS INJURIES CAN BE CAUSED TO THE BODY FROM HIGH PRESSURE FUEL OR OIL ESCAPING FROM THESE FUEL SYSTEMS, IT CAN CUT TO THE BONE OR BLIND YOU.

The key item is the special tool to remove the fuel pump shaft from the sprocket in the timing case. Thanks to a fellow i30 owner who lives near me I used the tool he fabricated and the job was straightforward.

Here is the d...
June 02, 2016, 09:52:44 by chrisnka | Views: 1217 | Comments: 46

Hi all,

Just come across this today on my 09 comfort crdi 1.6 anyone had this before or has previous owner tried to cover up a fault?


Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk

June 01, 2016, 11:30:18 by Mchar | Views: 501 | Comments: 7

Wont Start
Hi All!

Please help me!

I purchase my i30 09 second hand  from a private sale off car sales. From the first day it has had problems and I can not return it as there is little laws surrounding private sales. The guy probably sold it to get rid of it due to this unsolvable problem.  Hyundai can't solve it and neither can my mechanics.

From a brake to acceleration or at low speeds, the engine seems to stall or cut out. It varies every time, but sometimes the car stops for up to 5 seconds before speeding off, making it difficult to control, dangerous and so hard to drive in city traffic. Sometimes the engine malfunction light comes on, the error code directs the mechanic to an oxygen sensor error- when the oxyge...
May 30, 2016, 19:59:05 by Ikerlondon | Views: 539 | Comments: 12

Hi everybody!
I recently bought a second hand 1.6 crdi Classic that comes rather with not many extras... The thing is that I got myself a leather steering wheel which has audio controls on it. So I just fitted it pluggin the cable was coming with in to its socket to find out that the audio controls don't work...

A friend of mine suggested that the cable may not be connected in the back of the radio, so with his help I took the panel the radio out (that was bit scary but it went ok) and I saw what was looking a spare cable nearby the radio (we thought it may be the one from the audio controls in the steering wheel) but there were not empty sockets in the back of the radio!!!!

Is this model of the radio not acceptin...
May 23, 2016, 05:23:31 by CraigB | Views: 1228 | Comments: 32

As I was discussing these new bulb types in another topic which I haven't heard much about so I thought I'd give them a test, purchased a pair this morning from Germany as I don't trust the cheap Chinese one's  :rolleyes: they should be here in the week so I'll update you all on the results. (link) H7 Xenon Effect 6000K 55W Halogen Lamp Light Bulbs Mercedes W168 W202 W210 W211 | eBay
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