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October 05, 2015, 15:55:24 by marabak | Views: 338 | Comments: 13

As described in another thread I recently posted, I recently took my 58 plate i30 in to have the front brakepads replace. Afterwards, the mechanic said he noticed that my clutch was slipping whilst he took it on a test drive. This is the second time that they have "found" something though, so I am a little dubious, particularly for something as expensive as a new clutch.

Admittedly, I have only been driving a year, I learnt in a diesel and this is the only petrol car I have ever driven, so I have no idea what a "normal" clutch feels like. I do notice that the revs will rise sometimes when I change gear, but I also have the habit of blipping the accelerator when changing to try and match the right rev range, so this could be the c...
October 05, 2015, 05:08:57 by pidim | Views: 143 | Comments: 2

i30 in the news
It looks like the $19,990 deal with free auto offer has done it again for Hyundai

(link) New vehicle sales September 2015 : Hyundai i30 tops the charts

Top ten models September 2015:

Hyundai i30 4490, or 5170 including the Elantra sedan version).
Mazda 3 3588
Toyota Corolla 3530
Toyota Camry 2522
Ford Ranger 2471
Holden Commodore 2348 (2710 if you include Ute)
Mazda CX-5 2321
Mitsubishi Triton 2020
Toyota HiLux 2001
Volkswagen Golf 1958
October 04, 2015, 06:50:46 by Red Bri | Views: 323 | Comments: 12

Air Con
Hi All,

Trying to find out if anybody knows of an issue with the 2009 I30 2.0 S which makes the air blowers in the car quite weak? If the blowers are set at 1 or 2 then there is very little air flow, 3 is a bit better and then 4 is a bit better again.

Would a dirty pollen filter cause some kind of restriction? It probably hasn't been charged in about 5 years  :-[

It is the same regardless of whether it is on outside or recirculated. The vents are generally set to face only as any others make the air flow worse.

Haven't been able to get into another similar model to compare but it just feels underpowered to me. My 2009 Getz blasts your face off on 4!

Hope you might know of some kind of s...
October 01, 2015, 16:37:18 by aerobharath | Views: 259 | Comments: 9

Mobile Phone Stuff
Hi guys,

Its been a week with this amazing car. 2012 i30 Active 5dr 1.6 CRDi.

I have a Samsung galaxy s6 which i connect with the car via bluetooth.

When I play music from my phone i cant play/pause/skip tracks using the steering mounted controls. I atleast need to skip tracks using that. Every time i need to reach for my phone to do anything. Is it like this by standard or is there any thing im missing here.

Please let me know since i use the car 2.5hrs every day for commuting to work.

thanks in advance.
September 28, 2015, 19:20:00 by cdgeorge | Views: 1083 | Comments: 48

Road Noise
I joined this forum wondering if anyone else here is put off by the road noise in the cabin? I test drove the Hyundai i30 SE BlueDrive and was appalled at the noise getting into the cabin for such a modern car.

In comparison the Seat Leon 1.2 TSi was sooooo quiet - but unfortunately I can only afford the i30 based on a amazing deal I am getting. However I am strongly considering pulling out of this deal based on the cabin noise alone!

Anyone find this annoying?? I wonder if a lot of it is down to those Hankook tyres.
September 25, 2015, 17:42:30 by bingbonglong | Views: 582 | Comments: 36

Windscreen Washer
Hello all. I have a 1.4 petrol i30 comfort on a 59 plate. When I try to use the windscreen washers (this affects both back and front), I can hear the pump whirring but little/no water comes out. I don't think it's squirting out anywhere else because the screenwash tank level isn't going down. Is this a blockage somewhere? Is there anything I can do myself?? I need to put it in for MOT before 9th Oct and I assume this is a fail??
September 23, 2015, 08:10:15 by me217 | Views: 533 | Comments: 18

hey all. been awhile. i went to pick up my i30 from the smash repairs today. after the misses gave it a little nudge. and as i drove i off i immediately noticed a significant lack of power. the turbo wasn't boosting at all. i spun back around and took it back.
i checked over all the piping and everything seems fine. it hasnt got any engine lights on at all and it doesn't smoke when driving.
to me it seems like an electrical issue with the vgt or something,
has anyone else had issues like this after an accident. we never drove it after the accident. until now.
September 21, 2015, 10:23:22 by Jones.S | Views: 1053 | Comments: 45

So Ive had an issue with the handbrake on my I30 Turbo.

Car was parked up, handbrake 3/4 of the way up on a slight incline

Car was sat for 45 mins in my parking space.

Went upstairs and got a shower

Came back downstairs

Car was in my neighbours Garden up against their house   :fum:

Rang Hyundai

Got Response "if theres an issue your insurance can sue us"

Car has only done 600 miles

Has anyone else had an issue like this ?
September 09, 2015, 11:23:13 by trophy12 | Views: 284 | Comments: 4


 I have noticed a sudden rattle coming from my parcel shelf in my FD Trophy hatch.

Shelf seems to be dipped slightly in the middle and you can actually see it vibrating when travelling on uneven roads.

It is annoying and seems to gave developed suddenly.....

September 09, 2015, 04:40:43 by buster | Views: 298 | Comments: 5

Check Engine Light
I have been advised by the dealer I have a fault O2 sensor on Bank 1  which has cause the error code P0170 and they want AU$600 to fix it. I believe I can buy a replacement sensor for around $100 but I don't know which sensor it is on the car or where to locate it. Does anybody have any diagrams or information that might help me? I have an '09 Hyundai I30 5 dr Sedan 2.0lt Model JDS6B261B
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