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May 03, 2016, 16:06:19 by itroo | Views: 147 | Comments: 6

Windscreen Washer

I have a late 2007 i30 style  1.4 petrol car.

I used my car a little over a week ago and the washers were working just fine.

I have come to use my car today and went to wash the screens off. the wiper blades work front and back however the washer pump does not work. There is no sound from the pump at all

I have checked the manual and the internal fuse box and engine bay box however I can not find a fuse for the washer pump.

does anyone know which the washer pump is or have any experience in this model and this issue. has the pump pumped its last washer fluid?

April 22, 2016, 16:56:36 by Cluster2 | Views: 367 | Comments: 13


This is my first post on the i30 Owners Club.  Last week I took delivery of a new i30 Active GD4SR2 with diesel engine and 7 speed dual clutch auto.  I drove the petrol model, then later on the diesel.  Having never driven a diesel before, I fell in love with the torque and the effortless acceleration up steep hills.  I returned to the dealer and signed to buy the car right there and then.

The car has been great, but after about 1500km a rattle has appeared in the rear.  It's more of a creaking sound when the car goes over bumps, and importantly the bumps usually have to be asymmetric.  A bump when driving around a corner always makes the rear creak.  It's probably the hatch flexing?

It sounds like a par...
April 14, 2016, 16:15:41 by gurninman | Views: 291 | Comments: 7

I have a 2010 i30 CW , and am having a problem with the brake lights on the nearside
One of the bulbs was out a month or so ago , so I replaced it and all was well.The missus noticed there were no brake lights that side the other day, so I dutifully popped the cluster off and had a look at the bulbs.Both looked fine , but I swapped them with known good ones anyway.Still no good.
The brake light switch must be OK, as the high level light works as do the ones on the offside
The rear running lights are fine, so I can probably rule out a dodgy earth.
Any more ideas ? I've seen mention of resetting the BCM - is this just a matter of disconnecting the battery for a bit , or does more need to be done ?
April 12, 2016, 00:48:14 by BlueI30 | Views: 374 | Comments: 11

Filler Flap
Gday all .

Wondering if anyone knows how to fix this ?

One day my wife mentioned that she couldn't close the fuel cap on her I30CW after filling up .
When I had a look I noticed the plastic latch on the end of the fuel release cable was flush with the hole in the plastic fuel filler surround (bit hard to describe but I think you get the idea?) .
Anyway , when I tried to coax it out with a little flat blade screwdriver it disappeared behind the plastic surround .
So for months we have just been taping the fuel cap cover closed .. but high time I did something about this.

Just had a look before and it looks like maybe ? the area around where that latch pokes out might ? be able to unclip so I ca...
April 05, 2016, 18:12:57 by captaindagman | Views: 528 | Comments: 21

Hi all,
I am a new member with a 2009 crdi.  I have the common problem with having to push the clutch pedal into the carpet to get a clean gear change.  I thought I would change the fluid and bleed the system so I bought a Vizibleed tube and had a go. Now there is so much air in the system I can't operate the clutch at all.  I don't know but I suspect that air is being drawn in around the bleed nipple.
All comments gratefully received !
April 05, 2016, 10:47:49 by Dazzler | Views: 514 | Comments: 10

i30 in the news
On my tablet,  so hope the link works.

(link) March 2016 VFACTS:: New vehicle sales, winners and losers

Top brands for March 2016

Toyota 17,849 (down 6.5 per cent)
Mazda 10,228 (up 0.1 per cent)
Hyundai 9700 (up 11.4 per cent)
Holden 8355 (down 2.5 per cent)
Mitsubishi 6519 (up 3.4 per cent)
Ford 6481 (up 7.6 per cent)
Nissan 5811 (down 18.6 per cent)
Volkswagen 5316 (down 3.8 per cent)
Subaru 4825 (up 20.6 per cent)
Mercedes-Benz 3728 (up 7.1 per cent)

Top models for March 2016

Hyundai i30 4198...
April 04, 2016, 10:39:15 by 001steve | Views: 554 | Comments: 16

Kangaroo start
Hey Everyone, Hoping someone can help shed some light onto our problem child of an i30....
its a 2010 fd 1.6 5 speed man crdi....
Have had it since new and apart from that mysterious vibration between 1500 and 1900 rpm that random other people have had and we just learnt to live with...
 its now added a kangaroo/bunny hop to the list.... :crazy2: :crazy2: :crazy1:
Basically its as if a learner is driving it and dumped the clutch giving that jerking motion of on and off throttle.....
My wife told me of it and i of course said it was just her bad driving..... Till i kangarood through a shopping centre carpark like an idiot.  :happydance:  :head_knock:

took it for a drive again before and its on light appl...
March 31, 2016, 08:27:27 by nikkon22 | Views: 770 | Comments: 28

Brake Pads

I've read all of the posts i can find on the ESC light staying on and how it can be a number of issues (brake light switch etc) but none have the answer I'm looking for.

I have an issue with the ESC light staying on (until i turn the car off) with a i30 2011 i just bought 2nd hand.

It seems to come on if i drive down the same hill near my house (it's a steady decline at the end of a freeway - travelling 80/km). Hyundai service center have replaced the ABS unit (due to a recall) and the brake light switch but now they are telling me it is happening because i am braking too much coming down the hill ("that i must be riding the brakes").

Wondering if anyone has experienced this issue from brakin...
March 08, 2016, 12:01:30 by blakeclayton12 | Views: 1016 | Comments: 21

i30 in the news
not sure what section to put this or if it has been put up already but
(link) Almost 40,000 Hyundai i30s Are Being Recalled To Fix Stability Control | Gizmodo Australia

it appears over 40, 000 i30's are being recalled
February 26, 2016, 18:04:55 by admoss1980 | Views: 1370 | Comments: 36

Broken Dashboard
Evening all,

So... child in child seat has a bit of a strop and has managed to toe-punt the heating controls (the spinning temp dial with the auto/off button in the middle).

Long story short said toe-punt popped it backwards so it was flush with the rest of the dash.  Popping it back out with a pair of tweezers and the circuit board behind it (or rather, the 4 mount points and connections) are snapped.

Stealer reckons its 1300 to repair, of which they say only 70 is labour.

Any ideas for a DIY repair, because that is too pricey :lol:

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