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May 20, 2020, 02:42:19 by smashbie | Views: 359 | Comments: 12

Hi all,

I have an 09 SX i30. Wanted to confirm what the correct wheel nut torque is when changing wheels.

They are 195/65/R15 wheels.

I've looked in the manual and it says 9~11 kg.m. However not quite sure what torque setting to set my torque wrench to? Is it 100nm?

May 18, 2020, 13:03:40 by robodelfy | Views: 537 | Comments: 8

Hi, I just bought a used 2011 1.6 i30 crdi, with 150k miles on the clock, but its been serviced every 8k, and is well looked after. I am a bit confused about the DPF after speaking to a mechanic. Firstly, do all these diesel i30s have DPFs? Does mine?

The mechanic said every week take it on the motorway in 4th and stay at 3500 revs or so for about 20 mins to clear it out. Is this good advice?

He warned me of the possible costs if it gets blocked. So any advice would be great

May 14, 2020, 06:15:09 by iemandijenier | Views: 1024 | Comments: 23

Hello everyone, yesterday night my 2009 1.4 petrol i30 had presumably a dead battery. It wouldn't respond to the remote and the car electronics didn't work. When I attempted to jumpstart my Hyundai from my dad's car, when connected the anti theft alarm would go off immediately (probably related to dead battery shutting off electronics and the engine bay being open). In order not to disturb my neighbors, I disconnected the horn and let the car battery charge. I saw the alarm lights flashing for a whil, the they shut off once the battery charged. I let it run for a while and attempted to start my car. Now I got stuck with the problem that the electronincs were working fine, the dashboard lights lit up, including the car with a key symbol and ...
May 04, 2020, 05:24:45 by 1600dave | Views: 1700 | Comments: 17

Hi guys
Just after some advice as I'm looking into buying a GD i30 tourer (wagon) for a smaller second family runabout. Most of the cars within our budget are between 70-150k on the clock.

The diesel seems to be the popular choice, but are there any issues I should be aware of, or is the 1.6 petrol proving to be more reliable?
And whats the pick out of the 6 or 7 speed automatics? I see a few reports of people being unhappy with the 7 speed DCT, and costly clutch replacements.
This seems to be the same with the VW Golf which we're also considering, so was thinking perhaps the more conventional 6 speed auto maybe a better choice?
Anything else I need to look out for?
May 01, 2020, 16:02:21 by Em1kevin | Views: 1052 | Comments: 2

Hey guys, I'm new to the forum. Great to be here.
I was looking through and there is not much information on the clutch replacement.
My question is: to do the clutch, Do i have a subframe to take off?? Or is it a drop transmission job??

Thanks let me know if im not clear.
April 25, 2020, 05:46:54 by Badskillz | Views: 1871 | Comments: 20

Hey guys, new member here and i'm in a spot of bother  :neutral:

I have just spent the past 2 days underneath my car installing a brand new clutch, finally got it all finished up last night, sat in the car, started the engine and i can't get it in gear at all.
The clutch pedal has gone super soft and takes some time to return after.
I can select gears with the engine off and it jolts backwards and forwards if i turn the key.
The only part of the hydraulic system that was touched was the slave cylinder which I only unbolted and moved to one side whilst removing the gearbox.
I have checked the slave cylinder for leaks and there are none.
Would it be possible that the system would have somehow got air in it ...
April 24, 2020, 21:25:25 by Thebigwoodsie | Views: 1490 | Comments: 7

Problems & Issues
 :mad: I'm still having trouble with my 2017 i30 SR DCT. The idle is still "lumpy' and the hesitation during acceleration appears to be getting worse. When this first started happening I took it to my dealer and they told me it was the throttle body causing the problem. They cleaned it and the car ran well for a couple of days. I took it back about a week later and told them it had started to do the same thing again. I took a "technician" on a drive and he told me that it was the DCT and that they could reprogram it. But he said the gearbox would start to do what it is currently doing again as it "learns" my driving style. To me this is a load of B......t. I was also told by one of the dealer staff that they would try a arrange for me to te...
April 24, 2020, 09:24:09 by GaKu | Views: 1038 | Comments: 4

Recently I have started to hear a faint moaning sound when releasing the clutch after changing gears. It happens only in the phase where I am still taking my foot off the pedal, then it goes away. Sound is so faint I dont think I can get it recorded unless I abuse the clutch.
So far car has done 68000 kms and rides fine and have no problems changing gears, fuel economy is the same as before.

Am I approaching an expensive repair / new clutch? Or any tips to keep rolling as long as possible?
April 15, 2020, 03:02:48 by smashbie | Views: 1203 | Comments: 10


I'm wanting to add some kind of additive to my manual gearbox. The oil has been recently changed by my mechanic which has made somewhat of a difference but it does still seem a little 'crunchy', not to much that it grinds but it isn't 'smooth'.

Was thinking of adding: :link: Smooth Shift Manual Gearbox and Diff Treatment - Nulon Products Australia

Is this easy to add? Can I do it via the engine bay? I've had a look at the workshop guides but it isn't clear where the gearbox filler plug is in an 09 FD SX Petrol.

April 10, 2020, 05:59:56 by smashbie | Views: 1314 | Comments: 10

Spark Plug
I have a new coil pack for my 09 SX Petrol. Iím wondering what tools would be ideal to remove the nuts holding it in.

Iíve tried using a socket wrench and a normal wrench but the nuts donít budge.  Itís in a bit of an awkward position as well.

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