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September 15, 2018, 01:23:54 by PrancingHippo | Views: 220 | Comments: 5

Administrator Comment Split from :link: 2017 i30sr starting problem

I complained at my first month service and they claimed it was rectified by tightening some terminals. Issue was still present and took the car in again, and they couldn't replicate the issue. Brought it in again the following week as instructed and still no luck with them reproducing the issue. They said there's nothing they can do and to report to Hyundai Australia. Hyundai Australia have now taken on the case and my car has been in the dealership for 2 weeks with no solution proposed.

Not sure if they are really testing the car and if they are reproducing the same conditio...
September 14, 2018, 07:14:14 by wkristen | Views: 288 | Comments: 18

This has been asked about before... I wanted to speak to someone at Hyundai tonight, but alas they're closed for the next 2 days. Their phone line also closed at 7pm. So with my bad timing, I'm looking for some advice in the mean time. My mum has been driving my car tonight, the Eps light came on late this afternoon and she drove from A to B no problem. She's left the car off for over an hour and the light was still on on start up. She drove it home after having it checked by roadside assist and it was fine. I've not driven a car without power steering for over 10 years so am not looking forward to potentially having to for the next 2 days with my 3 month old in the back seat. What would you all do? Drive the car anyway until it's able to b...
September 07, 2018, 17:57:14 by The Gonz | Views: 295 | Comments: 11

i30 in the news
:link: Hyundai i30 facelift revealed for Europe | CarAdvice

September 06, 2018, 10:35:08 by Purplehazeffc | Views: 277 | Comments: 9

i30 in the news
As the title says. Looks like the N Line is pretty much confirmed.
Pricing is going to be the biggest hurdle here. Otherwise options would take it close the the I30N itself.

Who would be interested? Will it only be offered on new cars??

:link: Hyundai i30 N Line to launch with more noise, Michelin tyres | CarAdvice
September 05, 2018, 04:12:08 by Newyi30 | Views: 488 | Comments: 11

New Topic Split from :link: 2017 i30sr starting problem

Hi everyone,
I have been following this thread for a few weeks now and thought I better register and add my 2 cents in, for what it's worth.
I have a 2017 i30 SR DCT. For about 6 months now it has been struggling to start when the engine is warm. It's 10000k service was last month, I asked the dealership about this problem and was told they hadn't heard anything from Hyundai. When picking it up I was told the technician had noticed the problem and they offered me a hire car if i left mine for a week while they test it. I held off as i didn't think it would help after ...
August 27, 2018, 02:16:59 by Halatron | Views: 479 | Comments: 8

I have a 2013 i30 Active with the GD-01 Head Unit.
No sound is coming through the speakers at all so thought I'd try a factory reset to see if that helps.
Anyone know if there is a way to diy on this model??
August 25, 2018, 23:58:34 by courtartanis | Views: 755 | Comments: 29

Glow Plug
2010 1.6 i30 CRDI comfort.

So to clarify by "cold" start, I mean any time the engine has been sat long enough to cool down from operating temperature and sat for a few hours. It runs rough for about 20-30 seconds and then the smoke and rough idle clears, however often hesitates and bucks for a few minutes when I start driving, and then runs normally until it's left to cool down again. The issue is intermittent and doesn't happen every time, there has been the odd time when I've started the car and it's been near flawless, but I can't seem to pinpoint a pattern.

Video I caught of the issue (I have several): :link: i30 smoky start - YouTube

August 23, 2018, 02:43:39 by Dazzler | Views: 439 | Comments: 3

i30N owners and aspiring owners should enjoy this!

:link: Hyundai i30 N Performance tuning to 320 HP: Dyno, downpipe and sound - YouTube

August 22, 2018, 22:28:44 by Purplehazeffc | Views: 418 | Comments: 2

Chime / Bell
As the title says..    That door chime is ultra annoying when you just want the drivers door open..

Is there anyway to shut the damn thing off ???    Or would it be a case of looking for the unit (speaker) & unplugging it.

August 21, 2018, 07:10:05 by Horizon | Views: 295 | Comments: 7

Just joined and first post so please be gentle!  :confused:

I am a driving instructor and have just bought an 18 plate i30 1.6 CRDI SE model with 5500 on the clock. I do around 40-50k miles a year and want to keep the engine in tip top condition so want it servicing regularly but don't want to pay main dealer prices.

I know the service interval is 20k miles, and that different levels of service are required at different mileages, but what I'm trying to find (and can't find it on the 'net) is what each different service is comprised of so that I can take the schedule to my local garage and get them to price it up and to do the service for me.  Does anyone have any links?

Also, would you recommend an oil and f...
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