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March 02, 2023, 18:29:49 by LfKoda | Views: 586 | Comments: 4

Hi, been driving my Hyundai i30's for a while recently bought this, it has been standing for a 5 months without use before I got t, my only worry is this exhaust vapour/smoke.

Going to the Hyundai dealer service in 10 days to change spark plugs and all the oils and liquids and filters. When scanned through obd no faults on the car..

What can cause this vapour? Outside temp is 10+

Here is the video

February 28, 2023, 23:42:39 by BrendanP | Views: 386 | Comments: 1

TIPS: Engine
I replaced the left upper engine mount at the weekend. Not too hard. First raise the car high enough to get underneath to remove the plastic tray under the engine. Place a trolley jack under the gearbox to take the weight. Disconnect and remove the battery, and unbolt the battery tray. It's a swine to get out because of all the wiring clipped to it, I held it out of the way using a bungee cord.

Unclip the top of the air filter and leave it out of the way. Unplug the cable looms from the ECU then remove the bottom bit of the air filter box, so you now have access to the engine mount. The bolt marked A is hard to get to because of the wiring loom that sits over the head. Remove the 2 screws holding it on, plus the screws holding t...
February 26, 2023, 00:13:51 by allans | Views: 676 | Comments: 4

Wont Start
I have owned it since one year old! it's been so so reliable over the years, even tows a caravan, but now at 13, it's starting to struggle.   I hope it's something simple, what with the price of used cars currently, i'm hoping to keep this one for a few more years. 

It's a very intermittent issue that has been going on for ages.  I only have this issue once a month or so, I feel taking it to a garage might end up being a money pit, as it may not be picked up, and probably replace parts that are not needed.  Only last week it went in for a service and mot, no issues whatsoever.

Anyway, it all started over a year ago.  The car cranks fine but does not fire up.  At the time, I assumed it was the battery not supplying eno...
February 13, 2023, 11:21:28 by GDTourer | Views: 407 | Comments: 4

I've just bought my third GD Tourer, and I couldn't be happier. Allow me to tell the story...

I took a job as a sales rep in 2014 (still there after 9 years), and bought a brand new i30 Tourer, White, diesel with the manual transmission. Did 100,000km with it, then stupidly thought I should upgrade and bought a brand new Subaru Outback, again diesel with manual transmission. Worst car I've ever owned, had a litany of issues and design faults, and after 50,000km I sold it. I then had a VE Commodore sedan, a VF Commodore wagon and a Hyundai IX35 diesel, but all that time I had regretted selling my i30 Tourer.

So, late 2021, I bit the bullet after finding another GD Tourer, but this time with the 1.6 GDi Petrol engine and...
February 10, 2023, 15:50:28 by robodelfy | Views: 1229 | Comments: 11

Hi, I was away for about 3 weeks and came back and my i30 would not start. This has never happened before. It turns over fine, but I noticed the orange dash light with the car and the key symbol was constantly on

I have tried both the main and spare keys, same issue.

Even now when I've locked the car, the orange car/key symbol remains on, so I guess it has nothing to do with the keys. What could it be?

My mechanic is very unsure also and I need to be able to drive to work!

thanks in advance
February 07, 2023, 20:30:10 by Brian5291 | Views: 656 | Comments: 7

Hi all, i was wondering if any of you had managed to fit on their GD aftermarket xenon lights and led sidelights, if so have you got any links of it? Do i need any special adapters for the bulb? Would i get any warning on my dash? I'm still learning about my GD as i had it nearly 2 years but never done anything to it apart from keeping it clean, aftermarket android unit and wind deflectors.
hope to hear from you all soon!

February 02, 2023, 06:42:43 by Aussie Keith | Views: 1060 | Comments: 3

Acquired at the end of 2012 as I recall our diesel GD now has almost 60k km on it. In that time its been involved in a nose to tail collision which was properly repaired. It's lived outdoors and is largely unloved but the interior is still in great shape. The paint could use some love at some point however. It's had one battery replaced and Pirelli tires installed which it seems to like very much. It's been thoroughly reliable and runs well.

I've long ago ditched the dealer we bought it from for servicing and found another much better one closer to home for the win. Servicing costs continue to be affordable and now the work is done right the first time as well.

Its had both front window regulators replaced, one under ...
January 31, 2023, 00:55:23 by Bob.W | Views: 587 | Comments: 4

I've read a few threads on this subject area - as my i30 could do with it's front wipers being replaced. The fronts are 26"(650mm drivers) & 16"(400mm pax) - they're the hook arm attachment style.

Now with all my previous vehicles it was simply pop the rubber out and slide a new one in - but it seems the design on these new ones has changed somewhat - and a lot of people seem to prefer or perceive that they replace the ENTIRE blade instead.

This susprised me as much more expensive (full retail price for these seems to go $70-80 for both blades, cheaper on sale) - but does seem a tad wasteful to toss the blade when it's just the rubber that needs replacing.

Called the local Hyundai dealer, and they advised th...
January 23, 2023, 01:42:34 by zekest_99 | Views: 757 | Comments: 8

Hi all,

this is not an issue, not sure if it's the right section  :whistler: ...  just wondering if there is anyone who bought a new battery from Halfords UK ? any experience?  :question:

my car i30 2015 CRDI 1.6 Start/Stop

January 11, 2023, 08:42:38 by zekest_99 | Views: 818 | Comments: 4

ABS & disks
Hi all,

do anyone know " factory" size for brake disc i30 2015 premium ? is it 280 or 300mm ?

Thanks for views !
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