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Hi Everyone,  I really like this calculator and thought I'd share.  All you need to do is input the economy as shown on your car's computer, the price of petrol you are currently paying and the kms you do and it will calculate what your petrol cost is.  Not sure if it has been posted before. I found it very useful as I recently altered my way to work and found the fuel economy displayed was considerably different. Used it to calculate that I save $9 per week in fuel... Now I can visit my GP more often (Oz joke)

Petrol Cost Calculator, Car Petrol Cost Calculator, Car Expenses Petrol

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This can only give a very rough estimate of trip cost and requires you to reset the economy trip at the start of every journey you wish to estimate the cost of.

The odometer and economy trip recorder in my car are both inaccurate.

The odometer reads 2.2% under and the economy trip is averaging 8.2% under. Hence that calculator would give a result that is approx. 10% pessimistic.
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