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Hi Guys. just purchased a new (secondhand) 2013 i30. It only came with one key and was wondering what is involved in programming a new spare key? Is it possible to do myself, or do i have to pay someone, and any idea how much? Thanks!
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 Hi and welcome,
I am in the same situation, I got quoted £80 here in the UK.
Pretty sure it has to be done via a key cutting service or Hyundai themselves which on the latter I wouldn't recommend because the cost will triple
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Hi Guys. just purchased a new (secondhand) 2013 i30. It only came with one key and was wondering what is involved in programming a new spare key? Is it possible to do myself, or do i have to pay someone, and any idea how much? Thanks!
I have the FD series but I think the GD is similar.

Here are some options all of which I have tried .

Not counting keyless entry models which I'm not real familiar with there's 2 key types.

Fobless or basic key with immobiliser chip embedded and complete remote with key the latter being the most expensive..

1. Cloning -  there should be plenty of locksmiths that can clone the key, see them in Gumtree as well.

Useful for when you do not have the Hyundai programming security codes to access the feature on the vehicle computer.

Equipment is used to read the immobo chip in the original key and transpose that into the new virgin chip, key blank is then just a copy of the current cut of your key(can be worn)

I'm not a 100% sure about the remote side if pin codes are needed or not but I have done my own with the OEM software.

Key cut and immobo will manually unlock the car and start it. The computer will see it as the same key as the original, there is a limit of how many keys can be matched, it may be 5.

Note, this is from my FD experience. WIthin the vehicle programming there is a flag for the keys for manual key.

If the vehicle is locked using the remote, the car is deadlocked and the alarm is active. If the vehicle is then manually unlocked and that manual key flag is not set then it sees this as an intrusion and alarm triggers. The car will unlock and will start , alarm will then shut down after a short period(FD series)

Ballpark prices I've seen for cloning, $100 for the basic key $200 for the complete with remote

2. NEW keys from scratch:

You will need the key cut code and the security access PIN code. These do not get supplied with the car.

Last time I spoke to Hyundai Australia the dealer is meant to supply these on request and upon proof of identity and ownership of the vehicle. Should be free but there may be an admin fee.

Not always smooth sailing here with the dealer who may baulk at it or state they do not give that info out/

In my case it took a copy of the email instruction from Hyundai Australia to motivate these people.

Then 2 weeks of chasing but they can get that info off their database instantly.

Bottom line, they make a tidy profit off these, FD, close to $500 for complete and conveniently quote about half that for the basic key only.

Basic Key blank is about $60 genuine can be had for less than $30 if you can wait from OSeas

Cut to code I've been quoted $40 - 80, shop around it's not cheap

Then you need diagnostic equipment that can connect to the car and security PIN code needed.

If remote then that too will need to be matched to the BCM, all valid keys / remotes need to be present for this process so they are all synced.

I have done my own as I have the interface and software.

A second option for the codes is to pay for these. there is a locksmith business in the UK, Pay online, supply copy of photographic id and proof of ownership. VIN and $20 approx. Then you wil have the info you need forever to do programming if you have the interface.

I've used the service twice with no issues and worth every cent to avoid all the hassle and time consumed going to the dealer.

Cheapest I've done my own remotes $100 by the time I get a refurbished remote online and key cut, then I do the rest.

The locksmith I went too they could also work out the original key code from the profile even if slightly worn.

I highly recommend getting a key cut to code over a dupe off a key if it is showing wear. they tend to snag and wear the barrells out as they loose their profile.

Wifes car had that issue snagging but with the new key cit to code it was good again.

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Thanks for that comprehensive reply Gerard! I think that is worth relocating and saving with a topic "sticky"!

Wasn't sure whether to move it to technical or this section (Electronic)
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