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Hello, fellow i30 owners,

After a long time lurking, I decided to share my issue with you guys.
I saw quite a few topics on this forum, discussing oil level rise and failed DPF regenerations. Unfortunately, the same has happened to me. I noticed that the oil level in my car has had risen quite a lot. And it had a very liquid texture. I went to the official Hyundai service, where they told me that my DPF is in bad condition and that they will try with the forced regeneration. As they also told me, the soot level was 20 of something, which they wouldn't specify. It fell to 9 after the forced regeneration. We agreed that I should come back next week, for an oil change. In the meantime, I should observe if the oil level will rise again.
A week and some 1000km later, I went to the Hyundai service again. The oil level was good. So we concluded that DPF is fine now. Also, my average fuel consumption went from 6.8 to 5.4 liters per 100km.
Not long after that, maybe several hundred kilometers, I noticed oil levels had risen again. I phoned the Hyundai service, and the guy told me that the only solution now would be to disable the DPF. I asked him if we should maybe check the DPF sensors, EGR valve, injectors? And he assured me that that won't help and that the only solution is to drill a hole in the DPF and disable it.
Well, that was quite the opposite of what I read here. I mean, disabling the DPF won't solve the cause of the problem.
So, now I have scheduled injectors diagnostics in the official Bosch service. After that, I plan on doing DPF cleaning (the one where they take it off of the car). The general idea is to have everything checked, and find the root of this issue.
Also, I bought an OBD2 dongle, just so that I can check the DPF and soot level by myself. But, I couldn't get any readings. Tried with both Torque PRO and Car Scanner apps. Did anybody manage to get these values by themself? Is there anything I am doing wrong?

Thank you all for reading!

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Re: 1.6 CRDI GD 130hp DPF and oil levels - Another topic!
« Reply #1 : August 30, 2021, 08:47:03 »
Cheap dongles do not support all features in every car. To get access to all dpf values you will probably need higher end generic reader, or cheaper brand specific one.
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Re: 1.6 CRDI GD 130hp DPF and oil levels - Another topic!
« Reply #2 : August 30, 2021, 11:18:47 »
Hey, thanks for reading and answering.

Well, i am using cheap dongle. But not THE cheapest. I am using Vgate Icar Pro. But still, I hope somebody managed to get readings with these cheap dongles?

Forget to mention, in most of the apps I used, I got something like EGR and/or VVT Monitor drive cycle not ready, or something like that. So I thought, is it maybe needed to warm up the car before I read DPF status? Just drive it around a bit? I guess I can't just plug the dongle, and expect to get readings from a cold machine?
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Re: 1.6 CRDI GD 130hp DPF and oil levels - Another topic!
« Reply #3 : September 02, 2021, 13:48:36 »

I have the same issue with my 1,4 model. If you found a solution to the oil rise let us know but after all my research and assuming there is not mechanical issue with any part, it's pretty much how this specific model behaves. If you complete most of the regen cycles successfully (all the them would be ideal) , the contamination will not be very drastic. Just a little bit above the max lol. After keeping a close eye on my regen recycles and doing them when they start, the oil dilution has reduced dramatically. Oil now maintains it's viscosity over a longer period of time . Now, regarding the dongle, I recently came across this channel (it's a Korean guy that sells this device. He says that once plugged, it notifies the driver when a regen starts alongside with some other interesting stats and most importantly the level of soot in real time  :crazy1: This would actually be very helpful I think. Knowing this, any driver could plan a longer journey and include the regen. Everybody know these regens tend to start in the most unexpected times. I think I will buy his product next month (I had some positive feedback from a Portuguese client of his with his car). Said it works perfectly.

Here it is (I hope by posting this I'm not breaking any forum rules)

The product

:link: DAG3+ OBD2 Diesel Gauge DPF Soot Monitor Pick up Truck Diagnostic Scanner | eBay

:link: codesystemglobal on eBay

All the details one needs are there.

The YouTube channel (you will find valuable information on all his videos including detailed information regarding DPF regen related stuff)

:link: DAGgauge - YouTube

P.S -> It's not cheap  :sweating:

Re: 1.6 CRDI GD 130hp DPF and oil levels - Another topic!
« Reply #4 : September 29, 2021, 06:54:59 »
Marioux, thank you for your answer.

So, here is the update on my issue.
I took the injectors to official Bosch service for diagnostics. They were all working fine, nothing wrong with them.
Next, I removed DPF. The inside looked very clean to me (check the photo bellow), but i sent it to cleaning anyway.

DPF cleaning service confirmed that my DPF wasn't clogged.

Although happy that my injectors and DPF are in good condition, I was confused what was causing my oil level issues.
Next in line to check would be the differential pressure sensor. I ordered the new one, and once I change it I will update you guys if that solved my problem.
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Re: 1.6 CRDI GD 130hp DPF and oil levels - Another topic!
« Reply #5 : September 29, 2021, 07:04:06 »
hey @i30srb

Thanks for you feedback. Glad to know both DPF and injectors are fine. I can only assume mine are too. On top of that assumption, I have replaced the sensor you are talkin about with another one.Same OEM quality as previous.Denso. Issue still persists  :idea:

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Re: 1.6 CRDI GD 130hp DPF and oil levels - Another topic!
« Reply #6 : October 01, 2021, 05:52:48 »
As we assumed in the past, there is an ecu problem, like i20 model. But hyundai, compare to i20 she didn't give a software update for our cars. I have the same issue. Every part in my car is in perfect condition with totally clean dpf, but it starts every 50km a regenaration. As a result a have increased consumption and my oil mark at least 1cm above the mark F.
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Re: 1.6 CRDI GD 130hp DPF and oil levels - Another topic!
« Reply #7 : October 01, 2021, 09:35:51 »
So the solution would be to sell it, and get another car.  :confused:
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Re: 1.6 CRDI GD 130hp DPF and oil levels - Another topic!
« Reply #8 : October 02, 2021, 05:18:18 »
Well shit. Guess somehow I feel more at ease finding out that more of us have the same particular issue with this model. I'm ok with that. I will not sell it nor I will remove the DPF unless it gets clogged. Out of a ~ 40 k km mileage so far, I got a 6 l general average consumption. I'm ok with that.

I have a question for you guys : have you managed to pull any DPF related stats from the car's OBD using whatever testers ? Right now I'm testing a korean device that states that it can show me in real time how much soot (in percentage) the DPF has accumulated. That off course would help plan a longer drive to coincide it the next DPF regen. Eliminate the "suprise". This would be pretty helpful if it would be true. I've spent almost 200 euros for it but so far I get all kinds of stats but absolutely no DPF related stats  :'( I'm starting to think this particular engine doesn't have the proper sensors for these kind of stats  :spitty:


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