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An interesting report on a 2010 diesel i30

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Yep, I feel blessed to have Firty going so well. :goodjob:
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I loved the two CRDi i30's I owned ( best fuel economy out of any car I've owned before .
the second one 2011 6 speed manual the gear box seemed better, but I think the first one I owned 2008 went harder, just had a funny quirky jerk ( hard to explain ) & only happened in one gear, but I got used to it & missed it when I got the new 2011 6 speed.
sold the 2011 to buy a used Toyota Hilux 3.0 turbo Diesel 4x4 tray back, ha ha, funny how with the i30 CRDi if the fuel economy was higher than 4.9L/100km you complained, but once you drive a 3.0 turbo diesel 4x4 , that was slower than the i30 CRDi but only got about 8L/100km you ignored it & just got used to it, but when I owned the i30's I drove high  KM's after I got the 3.0 toy 4x4 I was retired and not driving as far. I sold it to a friend's son as he was leaving school to become a Plumber ( he loves it & has made many changes & tell's me how fast it is ha ha ). then I got a used VW Caddy 1.6 TDI SWB van had 7 speed dct , that was ok but I was extremely careful selecting drive or reverse, was very slow to in gauge reverse or drive, but once in gear no problem, was getting about 5L/100km, sorry to turn this thread into a documentary! As older members will remember , I was once profoundly deaf, not hearing anything below 100dec,  well about 6 years back I got my first Cochlear implant and was fitted with the n6 model , & later got a second implant and a second n6. I had that toy 4x4  I used to laugh to myself the amount of noise when it was raining hard. then I got the VW Caddy TDI it was a bit more civilised , but some where along the line about 6 months back, I got two new Cochlear Blue Tooth n7 model, there was no real hearing gain between the n6 & n7, it is just with the n7 being blue tooth I could listen to the radio via my iPhone ( works like you have head phones. the problem was my hearing has improved out of sight!!! And the VW became a rattling nightmare Ha Ha!! so now I have a new petrol car.

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