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Cold start issue

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Hi again.😬

Also have a 1.6 GD estate 66plate
Anything below 4-degrees and it doesn’t want to fire. Pretty sure it’s the glow plugs.
Replaced these on my last car (Volvo)

So thought nothing of it to do same…. Until I found out they are away to the back of the engine and would need to strip a load off to get to them. Also heard some stories of these snapping on the Hyundai.
So looking to take to a garage.
Probably chancing my arm here but anyone in Scotland can point me in the direction of a good garage on the central belt?

If I had a Haynes manual I would probably tackle my self. But with out guidance I would break it 😂

Had a price from dealership £450.
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It wasnt too bad on the older engines I'm not sure about a 66 plate. There are better experts than me on removing the plugs and they still have problems,  if you search there will be several threads on the pitfalls.

Remember they probably haven't all failed - so you can save some money by taking them out testing their resistance and only replacing any dead ones.

Check the BIG (80A) fuse hasnt blown too first maybe.

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Also make sure the metal strip that is used to supply power to the glow plugs is not shorting to the engine block.

On mine the 80 amp fuse was blown and on further inspection the reason was found , the metal power strip was bent and touching the engine block and shorting it out which blew the 80 amp glow plug fuse.

Online nbat58

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Sorry if this is an obvious question, but have you checked the battery, usually when batteries are on threir way out they don't work as well when the temp is lower?
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