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Rocker cover gasket leak finding parts.

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Hi guys so my car has had an engine oil leak for about 4 years from what I can see by reading old mot certificates.
I have found the leak but I cannot seem to find the parts needed to fix it.

The rocker cover is leaking from the main gasket and a couple of the injector oil seals on the rocker cover not the injectors themselves just to be clear.
I have been told that you can only buy these parts as part of a head gasket kit.
Surly this is not rite.
When I bought the car the oil level was over the max mark. 8 months later and about 1000 miles it is now reading normally.
I plan on changing the oil and filter this week.
Changing the gasket/seals is easy enough the only down side is that the injectors have to come out along with everything attached to them as they sit on top of the rocker cover and go through it into the head.

I’m going to ring the main dealer on Monday to see what they say
Any help or guidance will be much appreciated.  I have checked all the 10 mm bolts on the rocker cover and apart from one they were all fine.

Hooray they are sold separately
Dealer wanted £20. Plus vat for the gasket
And £8 odd for the ring seals
And £3 odd for the o ring seals for the bolts + vat so over £ 88.
Went to auto doc and got the lot for £33 odd including £8 delivery with free returns.
So hopefully I’ll be fitting them over the weekend.

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Good outcome, Paul. When I read your first post I was going to suggest a tube of instant gasket as the alternative.
Let us know how it turns out. :victory:
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Not sure how the autodoc free returns work, but you should always pay extra for that. Shipping costs can be quite big with cheaper parts if you want to return them. Unfortunately I've never had good experience with them. Serpentine belt quide pulleys lasted only year. They sent 4pk AC pulley to a car which uses 5pk belt etc... You get what you pay for.
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Good outcome, Paul. When I read your first post I was going to suggest a tube of instant gasket as the alternative.
Let us know how it turns out. :victory:
Parts are ordered through auto doc waiting for delivery. 
Will update you once it’s done. I’m just doing my homework to see how easy the injectors come out. It’s a job I’ve done before on Ford transits and Land Rover defenders but not on a Hyundai. They should “pop” out.

But I do wonder why the oil leak from the rocker cover gasket has gone so long without repair. It’s been going on for a good few years I know this as I checked the mot history and it had an oil leak recored for the last 3 inspections.
 It could just be because it’s only a minor leak and to be honest i haven’t had to top up the oil since I’ve had it (9 months) and the reading on the dip stick is just under max.
  I went looking for the leak to fix it as any genuine person/mechanic would. I confirmed that it was still leaking as I steamed cleaned the engine bay a week before I went to look for the leak. 
I did find a few loose bolts on the rocker cover where the leak was. Which I have tightened up. The leak has slowed down however it’s still blowing through the injector seals on the rocker cover so I’ll just replace all the seals in one hit.
I was tempted to leave the leak but I just can’t do it.
Also there were pools of oil where the injectors sit.

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