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Engine Mounts. GD petrol 1.8

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It looks like I may need to have the engine mount(s) repaired. Car has about 110,000 kms.

Before I contact my mechanic:

1. Would anyone know if this is a complex job?
2. Should I contact my mechanic or go straight to a dealer (yikes) for this?
3. What do you reckon would be an approximate price for such a task?

I hope I can get some guidance here before going further.

Thank you all.

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This advice is based on two other very different cars, an '83 VH Commodore 2850cc and an '85 Renault Fuego 2000cc, so take it with a grain of salt.

In both these cars, changing engine mounts was achieved by jacking up the engine at an appropriate point underneath, without disconnecting any of the running gear, just enough to separate the mounts and insert new ones. I'd look at how that might work as a DIY.

Now wait for the more enlightened advice from others.
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Recall this topic being raised before.
Quick search has this but others also.

May be worth doing and see if any useful info.

:link: i30 CRDi Engine Vibration
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My experiance with other FWD cars has been that it depends on which one and where it is located, but  pretty similar to the Gonz. The front one involved a jack to take the weight off the front, undo the nuts/bolts and jack until it has moved enough to slide the old out and new in. The side ones can be a slight PITA as there are usually ancillaries to move out of the way (there is either induction stuff over the tranny or possibly belts and covers at the pulley side), but once there same principle. I have had mixed opinions on the rear mount if it has one, one Honda i had was almost impossible to get out without lifting the whole engine, others not so bad just awkward to get to. I have had to drop part of the subframe on one car to get the rear out.
RWD are a breeze, so i would imagine the Gonz commonwhore would have been easy compared to the Renault  :D
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