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Does anyone know how the Heated throttle body works? 2009 1.6 crdi

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Hi guys so I was reading the post  about replacing the coolant temp sensor and the cleaning of parts. In one of the pictures it shows the throttle body heater. Does any one know how this works? This is on the 2009 1.6 crdi

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It should be similar to other throttle bodies, two 3/8 hoses run off the water rail to the throttle body...1 in 1 out.

A very simple design that transfers heat to the throttle body by water slowly passing through the system which in turn then heats the air that is drawn through the throttle body.

I've disconnected and blanked off the heated throttle lines on my own vehicle though not something I'd recommend for people living in areas where temps get below zero.

CraigB Forgive me but this system has nothing to do with the coolant  system.

 on the Diesel engines. From what I have found out the heating element is bolted between the air intake and the throttle body.
which is then connected to the inter cooler via a hose.
It’s called a throttle body but technically it’s not it’s just a butter fly valve.
It then has an earth wire and a positive wire attached to it.  Current is drawn through it and it heats up.
 What I want to know is how does it do it(what conditions)

Apparently the butterfly helps stop the engine running in a controlled way as the butterfly slows/stops the flow off air into the combustion chamber. 

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