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What is wrong with my car - won’t start- but does make a clunking noise

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Good evening,

The other day I was driving my Hyundai (2011 i30 2.0 petrol, manual) out of a drive away where it suddenly the “engine ceased”. When I put the clutch in the car “engine locks up” and the peddles are “raised”, and my car won’t start- but does make a clunking noise. About 3 months ago I did have problems with my crankshaft seal and it kept popping off. I did ask the mechanic to do a pressure test but the said “they didn’t have time”.

Could that be related? My car also has been recalled for my part (ecu unit)  since this incident happened. And my clutch was on its way out.

Hope this makes sense. Not really good with cars but I hope someone here can help. 
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The last recall I can think of for this model would have been the ABS power relay modification. The crankcase seal is under a lot of things, and poping off would probably mean some oil leaking from the engine. Do you still have the mechanics invoice? some descriptions and part numbers from that  could help narrow down exactly what happened.  Does the clutch pedal feel the same as it did, say 3 months ago?

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