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DIESEL / Re: What type of oil
« Last post by pidim 1 hour ago »
While not specifically Diesel related, due to Covid restrictions last year, I went to another independent mechanic compared to my preferred.  They used Valvoline SynPower 5w30 full synthetic.  The engine felt and sounded SO nice and smooth... I was VERY impressed.
I went back to my usual guy earlier this year and he always uses Castrol Edge.  I know it's a well regarded oil, but just didn't have that smooth, quiet sound that I felt with Valvoline.  i wonder if anyone else has tried this.
GENERAL / Re: 2013 GD Elite Clock still showing DST
« Last post by pidim 1 hour ago »
Your right 'PIDIM'
Visited Dealer - experience counts - 5 minutes and solved.
Process =
Start engine - Radio On - Press 'Nav'
Press - 'more' - new screen -  then press 'Settings' (top left)
Scroll down to 'Regional' - Time Zone GMT + 10.00 - Adjust accordingly.
Other options are available at this screen.
As inferred by Pidim, other adjustments may be required where the 'System' advises speed exceed etc.
'System told me I exceeded speed limit whilst 'parking' - I responded accordingly.
There's a lot of screens built in to 'play with' - now that the 'clock problem' is fixed.
Thanks to all who responded and offered direction.

How did you fix the 40km/h school zone issue still triggering on the wrong "auto" time, even though the clock issue was set with GMT adjustments only.  I don't have DST ticked but at 7am in the morning, the "you are over the speed limit" voice comes (as car thinks it's 8am still)  :(
I believe C2 is lower viscosity than C3, so it allegedly provides better economy. On my old 2011 diesel, I've always used the Shell Helix Professional AG 5W30, which was the recommended oil at the time. I change it at 10,000 miles. On my 2015 diesel I use this oil for doing my own 10,000 oil change between dealer services. The price has been creeping up over time, I've just ordered a 20 litre drum for £69-50

I also find that 5 litre takes the level on the dipstick up to full mark, I don't put in the 5.3 litre that the manual states. On two occasions when the car has been dealer serviced, I've found the oil level to be way above the full mark, so I've gone back and told them to draw off the excess oil.

For oil filters I use the Mahle OX351D or Mann HU7001x. When I bought a genuine Hyundai filter from the dealer, it was the Mahle filter that was in the box.
I also just noticed that the ABS light turns on with the ESP OFF light, and turns off when we temporarily turn off the ESP OFF light.
DIESEL / Re: Crankshaft Position Sensor - 08 i30 CRDi
« Last post by Shambles 6 hours ago »
can you explain what you mean by this?

A decent mech would know if this is required - usually involves some driving at set speeds. One of our Tech Advisors might know more.
Did my first oil change on the i30 1.6L Diesel myself at the weekend, surprised how easy it was. Very fortunate with the oil filter position.

My manual suggested 5w-30 for here in the UK, and I went with a similar spec to the recommended oils (AMEA C3). Does it matter what rating of 5W-30 I go for? Is C2 better and is it 'compatible'?

Wanting to buy some in advance for next time when it's next on offer...
Hopefully, I can finally settle the issue now that I've attempted to do this myself, unfortunately with no luck.

There are in fact two types of DRL lights. 92207G4100 which only has White LEDs and 92207G4110 which has both White and Amber LEDs. You can easily tell which version you have simply by looking at them.

If you have a car with halogen bulbs, you will most likely have 92207G4100 (White LEDs Only).

After sourcing a correct set of DRLs (92207G4110) for a reasonable price, I began the installation.

I was able to install the LED Headlights no problem and all beams worked.

However, when I got to the DRLs there was a problem, my harness had only three wires were as the new set of DRLs required six wires.

This meant I could not proceed with the installation any further and had to revert back to the old halogens.

Therefore, it's not possible to do the retrofit without sorting a new engine harness that has six wires for each DRL.

COME AND SAY HI ! / Re: Greetings from Portugal!
« Last post by eye30 7 hours ago »
DIESEL / Re: Crankshaft Position Sensor - 08 i30 CRDi
« Last post by JLang83 7 hours ago »
Thanks Shambles. I'll ask tomorrow - can you explain what you mean by this?! I'm totally illiterate about car mechanics!
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