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Hi all,

Joined a while ago but didn't post until I got my car where I wanted it. It's a petrol, auto PD premium, bought last year at a couple of years old with about 30,000km on it, and have been loving it so far - at least, when I get to drive it (mostly my wife drives it). A couple of years ago my parents had hired an i30 Active (also PD) with which we did a long road trip, and really enjoyed, so an i30 was first on my list when we replaced our previous car (not a Hyundai). I hadn't driven a Hyundai since the ancient Accent we briefly had about 15 years earlier (and which I hated), so I was shocked at how brilliant the i30 was.

Anyway car is now looking how I want it, so photos time!

aaaaand the best feature (ventilated seats):

My only criticism of the car is that it can be a little doughy off the line. This seems to be a curse of modern cars a lot of the time, and we were coming out of a reasonably quick 4 cylinder manual car from about 12 years ago, which always pulled away very sharply if required. Ehhh...I'll get used to it, I guess. Aside from that, very happy indeed!

I still have a couple of little things to attend to with the interior, couple of marks in the carpet etc, but it is getting there. On a related note, what is it with people who spend 35K on a car but won't buy floormats for it? Weirdos!
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