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Clock Spring Replacement for $20 | Hyundai i30 2014 CRDI - With Pics

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So after many months of my Airbag/seatbelt light coming on intermittently and than staying on all the time, I've decided to replace the Airbag Clock Spring on my 2014 CRDI i30, especially since lately my steering wheel control buttons stopped responding. The entire operation was a success, no more dash light, Steering wheel controls are working again.
This is the actual Ebay link I used and received today, probably took a good hour/half all up taking my time:
Ebay Link

Helpful video link I found on YT and some pics I was able to take of the job below :goodjob:

Whatever you do I definitely recommend disconnecting the battery terminals first(even with it disconnected I was paranoid while removing the airbag module and was trying to keep my head to the side lol) :sweating:
You also want a straight Steering Wheel/front wheels

If you watch the video ^^ first, the pics might help as well since it's pretty straight forward otherwise..

*Undoing the Air Bag middle section requires pushing a screwdriver through the 3 holes on the steering column visible on the left, right & bottom(not in the pics sorry) - refer to video above
Keep fiddling with screwdriver (took me a minute to get the angle right, each spring when released will pop open a corner very easily
*Undo the 2 cable connectors. White one needed more force to pull off, the middle Yellow connector requires the orange clip on top to be lifted up 1st(insert a thin flathead, lift the orange bit up and pull on the yellow connector)

*To remove the actual Steering Wheel you need to remove only one main Centre Lock Nut, undo the white harness connector and pull on the Steering Wheel(might help to wiggle/tap around it), this allows access to the actual Clock Spring with the Yellow sticker on it!

*To gain access to Clock Spring, there are 3 phillips head screws to be removed and crack open the casing by hand(2 screws pictured, one underneath) - yellow sticker fell off in the bottom pic  :faint:

*Clock Spring is attached with 2 cables/connectors(white & yellow) and held in by 3 tabs(top and sides)
To remove the yellow connector you need to push forward on its middle tab to release and slide it forward.
To remove the white one, push upward from underneath for release and pull forward

*Release the 3 tabs for physical removal
Notice the new Clock Spring comes with it's own attached cable and Blue peg which holds everything aligned. Only remove the Blue peg after physical installation!

*OLD & NEW comparison labels/part numbers?

*With the new Clock Spring installed make sure you attached the 2 white & yellow plugs behind it first, close up the casing around it, 3 screws back in at which point you can remove the Blue Peg
Try to keep the Clock Spring aligned while putting the Steering Wheel back on, running through any cables first..
Install the Centre Lock Nut
Attached cable connectors to the Air Bag Module and push it back into the Steering Wheel

*Remember to re-connect your car battery and start it up.

As I mentioned, my Steering Wheel buttons are all working again and the dash Air Bag light has disappeared as well. Not bad for a first timer and $20, hope it helps!  :goodjob2:
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Splendid work t4orce and a great write-up :goodjob:
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 :goodjob: :goodjob:
Absolutely brilliant, I will never need to do that job but it was a pleasure watching someone who knows what they're doing  :victory: :victory: :victory:

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Looks very much like the job on the FD when I vinyl wrapped the centre wheel panel, but you did a great job reporting it for others to benefit.
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