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Problems with lamps / headlamps

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Hi to all,
Thanks to add me to this forum.

I have one i30, 2012, Style model, right hand direction and I lost all low beam lamps and one (right) position lamp. High beam is ok. I am trying to change the bulbs for newone but I have some (several) questions:

1 - I've check the owners manual and I didn't find any fuse or relays for these lamps. I am tryed to check on interior fuse box and on engine fuse box and I cannot find this information too.  :Shocked: Whare are the fuses and relays ?????

2 - I bought new lamps to change (I choosed Osram Cool blue intense Next Gen, H7 for low and high beam and Osram Ultra Life w5w for position - I am not shure if this lamps will be the best choice) and after watch several videos on Youtube how to change the headlamps, I tried to remove by my self, but I cannot remove the headlamps fom this place.

I removed the 3 superios bolts from the headlamps and try to remove the headlamps to front with my hands, but it's look like stucked. I am not sure if I need to force to remove the headlamps or if It's have more one hidden bolt that I cannot see. I am afraid to breake something. On owner manual I have the information that I need to remove one bolt under the bumper (next to tyre) to remove the headlamps. I know that the headlamps have one "tray" under, and I can see one type of "clip" under the headlamps and I'm not sure if this clip is holding the headlight from under at the end of tray. I am not shure if I can gently use one  flat screwdriver to release the headlamp from the clip. I cannot see this procedure on any videos

In some videos on youtube users remove the entire bumpers to remove the headlamps.  :crazy1: in others videos the headlamp is removed easy from his place. Why in my turn it's need to be too hard to be removed????  :mad:

Please, I need help to do this in a correct way, because one simple change of bulbs cannot be hard to do at home!  :head_knock:

Thanks in advance for all help.

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If you have an FD, look also for Elantra Touring  headlight removal.  The entire assembly DOES come out, emoving the securing bolts. You may need t9 depress the bumper just a bit to jump out tye headlight edge. Them it comes out freely. You can help more by removing the  two phillips like looking clips holding the  plastic trim just next the headlight . You do not need to remove any other parts.
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I would imagine it's a GD, you can change low beam bulbs without removing the headlights, I've done it myself.

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I work on both FD and GD versions, and so far I've been able to replace bulbs on GD without having to take the headlamp out.

On FD, after removing the 3 bolts it still takes a bit of jiggling around to get the light out. There is a step where the clear lens joins the rear of the unit and this catches on the edges of the front bumper and surrounding trim. There are also pegs moulded into the rear of the headlight that locate in holes in the front wing, take care not to snap them off.
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