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K&N reusable airfilters vs disposable OEM ones - thoughts?

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Wondering if any folks switched over to K&N's reusable filters in their vehicles at all from the disposable OEM style ones?

I know K&N make performance mod filters, which technically are modding your car - I'm not talking about those - moreso the ones which are the same size/style as the OEM ones but have K&N's cotton/mesh pleated design - and can be washed and oiled so able to in theory last forever.

I've used these as the air filter and cabin filter for the past few years (the latter does not need to be oiled, can be washed and blown out). Not sure if I've noticed ANY benefit at all from them - other than the smug feeling of in theory causing less waste.

Anyone else use them at all?
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The K&N panel filters are good, keeps everything looking stock with better flow that can be improved upon further by increasing the size of the intake side of the airbox.

I also have the K&N cabin filter, which does require oiling, scented refresh oil is provided in the cabin filer cleaning/recharge kit :link: K&N Cabin Air Filter Recharger, Cleaner + Refresher Kit (99-6000) 24844349347 | eBay

Air flow is much improved with the K&N cabin filters, where I used to keep the fan on the second or third speed setting with the OEM filter I now need only the first speed to get the same flow.
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I have a K&N  filter . It is a drop in.  With current costs going up.. it may end up a good investment due to its reuse. In terrms of performance ...  likely in the higher RPM you may see a bit of an improvement, but it could be a butt dyno..
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Can't be any worse than stock, and likely you'll wash it more frequently than you would change and dispose of a non-reusable, therefore your car will thank you. I say go for it.
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