Author Topic: Passenger side door lock switch not working unless window is 3/4 down or lower??  (Read 1705 times)

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Hey folks,

Recently I changed the cable for the door handle, actually, in the end I bought a second hand complete handle and cables, and wired them in to the door of the passenger side front door.

Ever since then the door does not unlock or lock (the thing that pops out above the indoor handle when unlocked, and retracts when locked) and today I figured out that it is ONLY happening if the window is up.
When I put the window down 3/4 of the way or more, the door lock button etc works perfectly, unlocks with remote locks with remote etc, the lever thing pops out, and pops in exactly as it should.

If I then put the window back up, it'll work for a few more goes at best, then get 'stuck' again, I just can't think what is causing it??

Any idea what is causing this? Any help appreciated!
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