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November 13, 2018, 21:32:43 by Purplehazeffc | Views: 557 | Comments: 16

Hello all..

This has come up on a USA based forum.  In regards from changing the grade of oil used..

As most of us would know. Hyundai recommend in the owners handbook the use of 5W-30 oil..
This service bulletin has that to being changed to 5W-40 oil. For better engine protection.

While it is dated Sept 2016. The engines are still the current ones in use.

Thoughts??   If you change your own oil, what do you use..
I change mine at the 5000k mark. Dealer at the 10k service.  Using Penrite 5W-30 ACEA A5/B5    :link: FULL SYNTHETIC 5W-30 | Penrite Oil

November 12, 2018, 21:58:52 by kroner | Views: 1064 | Comments: 8

Hi Guys.
thought i share with you, in the hope I can find some tips.
I have this weird ticking or clicking noise that is exacerbated when the car is cold (even in hot weather)
specially, when I don't drive it for a day or two. The noise appears to come from the front right (drivers side) either at the very front of the dashboard or past the window in the bonnet.

IT does seem to sometimes click or tick when going over bumps and stuff, but I Can't reliably tell that, but definitely when cold.

My mechanic had a look to see if anything was loose, and put it down to something inside the dash.
but i don't agree, why the cold would have any effect on it?

after a 15m it would be back to silent....
November 10, 2018, 12:06:57 by DarraghR | Views: 1702 | Comments: 34

I recently bought a second hand 2010 1.4 i30 and 2 weeks later I am experiencing a concerning issue. Below are the symptoms that I am having.

Car wont start on first try roughly 1 out of 12 times
ESP OFF light displayed on dash display and only clears when car is started up again.
Rev counter does not move even when I press on the accelerator
Car seems to be revving itself when ESP OFF light is no with non functioning rev counter
Signs that car has slightly lower power or acceleration than expected

I have read a lot of posts regarding similar symptoms but non mentioned the car revving itself. I have compiled a list of faults below gathered from other posts.

Battery fault
Crank shaft ...
November 08, 2018, 21:18:43 by Romen | Views: 1166 | Comments: 13

Problems & Issues
Hi all,

I did some searching and couldn't find much...

I turned a corner and shortly after the car stalled and wouldn't immediately start again despite cranking over. Only thing different was the battery light was on. AC was on (that's normally on) I turned the car off, waited 10 seconds, turned it on again and it started. No battery light on again. Drove another 10 minutes without issue, though I'm paranoid now haha.

Any suggestions as to what may have caused it or what i could test for? There hasn't been any recent servicing. Nothing else unusual. Kinda freaked me out :)

Car is a 2011 FD Auto Diesel SLX located in Australia. 204,000 km on the clock. No other previous issues (touch wood).
November 04, 2018, 20:44:26 by Oldenslow | Views: 638 | Comments: 13

Hi everyone, I have just acquired a 2008 FD 2Lt with a blown engine and need to swap it out. Looking for technical advice regards the best method.  I have a compatible second hand engine from a 2010 FD.

Please reply if you have had experience with the task outlined above (engine remove and replace) or you can point me in the direction of technical manual or an expert.

 Regards Oldenslow
November 03, 2018, 05:36:50 by danishdan | Views: 555 | Comments: 14

Air Con
Dump question.

gas is leaking from the compressor via the o-rings that connect the two pipes that come out the front.

What size are these o-rings

and are aircon o-rings different from o-rings you would use on the radiator, for example.

2009 1.6 crdi vehicle.

November 01, 2018, 17:26:22 by POWERMAD | Views: 1091 | Comments: 4

Wont Start
Hi all,

I am about to get my 12 month service in December and had more problems that i am not sure are problems.

1. start issue still happens at least 1-2 times a month

2. taking off from starting position has a bit of a slow build up before the car moves and i not consistent sometimes it kicks in straight away other times sluggish.

3. slow speed rolling of the car then accelerating makes car Jagger then go forward.

4. i dont know if this is a problem after a 25 degree drive for 40 minutes turn off car engine fans go off has happened 3 times this week.

On another note any update on any new software nav update as i dont want to take the car in and find out i missed the last up...
October 29, 2018, 01:42:28 by PhireSide | Views: 1495 | Comments: 20

Wont Start
...starting problems seem to be quite popular in this board :sweating:

Lately my car has been hesitant to start when warm, and sometimes needed me to turn the car off and on again to re-prime the fuel pump before it starts up. The starter motor sometimes makes that awful sound when the sprag clutch isn't happy and on occasion the starter has turned but all I hear is the starter motor turning, which I suspect is due to the solenoid not kicking the fork forwards to lock the gear into place on the flywheel.

I suspect a service kit is needed so I have requested some prices on that. I believe getting to the starter is easiest done via the bottom of the car, so that is the route I will be taking once I get the kit and have a...
October 25, 2018, 12:31:57 by daveo70 | Views: 1520 | Comments: 19

General Chat
Hi all, my i30 2010 2.0 has an annoying intermittent problem where the engine seems to surge while driving.
Thought it was transmission issue but just serviced and issue remains.
Service and auto service just done not rectifying issue.
My mechanic seems at a loss.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
October 22, 2018, 03:33:45 by CraigB | Views: 747 | Comments: 23

I've had the master drivers door switch for the passenger window go on me again for the second time :disapp: so took the car into Hyundai this afternoon for the lovely Chantel to take her photos of the switch and service booklet, here's hoping they can pressure Hyundai for a goodwill warranty replacement as it's three months out of cover now :Prayer:
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