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October 22, 2018, 01:45:46 by whiteman | Views: 1313 | Comments: 6


Hoping someone much more knowledgeable than myself may have a solution to my problem.

Roughly three weeks ago the speakers in my 2013 i30 Tourer stopped emitting any sound.

I first noticed it when turning the car on and I was met with silence. However, turning off and on again fixed it on that one occasion. The on-off fix only worked the one time and I've since been driving around in silence. Although, maybe a week later I turned the car on and there was audio again, but once turned off, it has been back to complete silence.

The head unit still functions totally normally. Bluetooth connects, I can make/answer calls etc. Just no sound.

I've tried checking the fuses and they all seem...
October 17, 2018, 00:02:23 by Crustycottage | Views: 1392 | Comments: 10

Been working away for 10 days, drove car yesterday to work and EPB warning light remained on.
No issues with brake physically being on that I could feel, and the handbrake switch appeared to function ok. No EPB light on way home, but four subsequent short trips EPB light has remained on.  :crazy2:
Operator Manual states go to the trusty Hyundai dealer  :phone1:
Anybody else had this happen on their PD ??
October 11, 2018, 23:42:34 by OttoOtto | Views: 1564 | Comments: 6

I have a second hand, ex lease 05/2011 I30 diesel SLX. When you start it up the headlights come on and cannot be turned off. Basically, the on off switch is redundant as far as I can gather. There doesn't seem to be an automatic switch on it either. Suggestions. Thanks.
October 05, 2018, 21:04:59 by noes_oh | Views: 2052 | Comments: 22

Filler Flap
My 2012 i30 Elite (GD) doesn't have a latch, you just unlock the car and push the petrol door which makes it pop out.  Then unscrew the cap.  Since Friday night, it's not opening.  No matter what I do to push it, the door won't release.  Even showing something in to lever it open isn't working and looks like it'll just break something.

Piss poor timing as it's weekend and Hyundai are closed.

Two questions I suppose?

1. How can I wedge it open?
2. Is this a Hyundai only thing, can any mechanic fix it or do I have to take it to a smash repairer?


October 03, 2018, 01:13:28 by Pappy | Views: 2339 | Comments: 30


Just this this morning after my car had been sitting for about 1.5 hours I experienced the i30sr Starting Problem.
The engine temperature was almost cold.

First time this has occurred, my i30SR Premium is a Nov 2017 build and has just over 7,000km.
I wonder how many that have this problem are standard i30SR vs i30SR Premium - may not be relevant.

I'll wait for the first service to report this issue since Hyundai hasn't got a fix as yet.
September 28, 2018, 17:21:24 by Paolo5 | Views: 534 | Comments: 6

Hi guys...would appreciate your advice.

I am going to drain the existing coolant in my FD diesel. I plan to do it like this:-
With engine cold..
*remove fill cap
*remove radiator drain plug and empty old coolant
*siphon out any old coolant in reservoir bottle

*replace radiator drain plug
*fill radiator and reservoir with distilled water and take for a spin. I plan to heat this water first to (hopefully) allow the thermostat to open quickly.
*Turn heater on the allow old coolant to disperse with new distilled water. Continue driving for 10 minutes or so.

I plan to repeat this procedure a few more times until coolant drains clear.

I am going to refill with Nulon One, wh...
September 18, 2018, 07:19:01 by guest11171 | Views: 4108 | Comments: 76

Problems & Issues
Hi guys,

Just picked up a 63 plate Hyundai i30 1.6 Diesel Blue Drive Edition. I love the car and couldn't be happier. I am however having a slight issue when starting the car from cold in that the RPM will bounce around for approx 30 seconds or so. The engine sounds as if it is pulsing along with the RPMs and will also settle after approx 30 seconds. Once settled the car idles perfectly and will idle great in traffic etc but having had the car less than a week this is an issue I'd really like to resolve asap before the dealership put it down to wear and tear and refuse to repair it. Any ideas what might be causing this??

September 15, 2018, 01:23:54 by PrancingHippo | Views: 2178 | Comments: 13

Administrator Comment Split from :link: 2017 i30sr starting problem

I complained at my first month service and they claimed it was rectified by tightening some terminals. Issue was still present and took the car in again, and they couldn't replicate the issue. Brought it in again the following week as instructed and still no luck with them reproducing the issue. They said there's nothing they can do and to report to Hyundai Australia. Hyundai Australia have now taken on the case and my car has been in the dealership for 2 weeks with no solution proposed.

Not sure if they are really testing the car and if they are reproducing the same conditio...
September 14, 2018, 07:14:14 by wkristen | Views: 2087 | Comments: 21

This has been asked about before... I wanted to speak to someone at Hyundai tonight, but alas they're closed for the next 2 days. Their phone line also closed at 7pm. So with my bad timing, I'm looking for some advice in the mean time. My mum has been driving my car tonight, the Eps light came on late this afternoon and she drove from A to B no problem. She's left the car off for over an hour and the light was still on on start up. She drove it home after having it checked by roadside assist and it was fine. I've not driven a car without power steering for over 10 years so am not looking forward to potentially having to for the next 2 days with my 3 month old in the back seat. What would you all do? Drive the car anyway until it's able to b...
September 10, 2018, 08:34:27 by neilplumb | Views: 3008 | Comments: 33

Hi All , I have a 2016 I30 Turbo , I have got a hesitation and holding back between 3200 rpm and about 4500rpm . The holing back is very noticeable in 3rd , 4th and 5th gear .
This is when the accelerator is being applied from 3/4 to nearly full pedal , if you push down fully ( burry in carpet ) this clears .
Worst is when going up a steep hill because it takes longer ( being going up hill) to run through between 3200 and 4500 rpm . Car has been to dealer twice but to little avail , they just plug in and no fault found !!!! Oh and it has latest software map installed .
Anybody else had this ? , thinking its a fueling issue caused possible by TPS not playing ball ???
Am awaiting Hyundai Technical for some support .
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