Author Topic: Window stuck down, door seal came off  (Read 2154 times)

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Window stuck down, door seal came off
« May 27, 2018, 16:07:43 »
Ok so today in between thunderstorms we decided to go and get some shopping so after loading the family into the car, my wife decided to go back into the house to collect something so I rolled down the passenger window to pass her the house key. When I went to bring the window back up it only went a little bit back up. Upon inspection I found the seal that comes around the front edge of the window had come loose and was jamming the window when it came back up. I had to get it sorted so I unloaded the family and got the tools out. I managed to get the door card off and after nearly 2 house managed to get the window back up. What happens was that the seal had come off the arm inside the door that holds the window. What I need to do is properly strip the door down but itís held together in places with bloody pop rivets and I havenít got a frigging pop rivet gun. I tried my best to get the seal back on but it wasnít having none of it. Will I need a new seal and is there any tutorial how to properly to remove the window etc?

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