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Finished work this morning at 6am. Straight home & into bed..  Got woken up with a knock (bang) at the door from delivery driver at 10:45am
It was my Torcon aluminium intake  being delivered..  So kinda didn't mind being woken up about that..

So after waking up a bit & stumbling around the house a bit.    I got to work to fit it in.
I did start a stopwatch timer, just to see how long it takes from start to finish..  Just under 20 mins all up.
That's with taking photos along the way as well. Just to so anyone interested how easy it was to do..

1st step is to remove the original intake piping. By taking off the dump valve pipe off & oil breather line & the clamp around the turbo intake.

Then onto taking out the original airbox.  3 bolts hold it in place, 10mm socket works for this. Then the 2 clips that just push in before you can pull them out.
It all comes out all in 1 piece.

Then it's just a matter of fitting the Torcon intake silicone adaptor to the pipe & then to the turbo intake.
Tighten up the clamps nice & snug with a 7mm socket. Attach the K&N cone filter to the end on the intake tube.
A 10mm bolt on top of the engine needs to be removed so the bracket can be mounted. You do get a longer bolt in the kit to suit.
Then attach the oil breather & dump valve line using the original clamps.

Then finally put the engine cover back on.  :goodjob2: :goodjob:

There has been claims by Tork Motorsports that their intake pipe adds up to 15hp..    I'm not sure about that
But now looking at the original intake pipe, it is quite restrictive.  So I would expect that there are some gain there for sure.
Also, there was a mention in my previous thread that fuel economy will be worse..   I have been driving for the last 2 weeks with
the standard intake pipe with the K&N fitted. And my economy has been exactly the same. I average 6.1 lt/100ks
I believe if anyone is getting worse economy, then it's just a case that you are putting your foot down more & more revs.
Because of the extra noise that the intake provides.
Also I don't think that having the filter sitting in the engine bay like it is gets effected by the warm under body temps.
In a NA car, definitely YES.   Turbo cars differ because the intake air is cooled by the intercooler before it gets to the engine.
And also the air goes through a pretty hot turbo as well.  So 20-30 degrees C is not going to make a whole lot of difference.
Stop start in very heavy traffic, I would say yes. But constant driving with just a few lights.. No.

Next up is the car goes in for the exhaust work on Wednesday..  I will throw up another thread with some video footage for sound purposes..

Peter    :happydance:

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Re: Fitted: TORCON One Bend Aluminium Intake SR Turbo
« Reply #1 : May 28, 2018, 04:07:46 »
Nice work Peter. Thanks for the thread! :goodjob:
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Re: Fitted: TORCON One Bend Aluminium Intake SR Turbo
« Reply #2 : May 28, 2018, 04:17:41 »
Looks neat :goodjob:

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Re: Fitted: TORCON One Bend Aluminium Intake SR Turbo
« Reply #3 : May 28, 2018, 04:45:14 »
Great work Peter and thanks for sharing :goodjob:
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