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November 08, 2016, 11:45:49 by charshan | Views: 485 | Comments: 5

Oil Leak
just had second service from Hyundai only 3,147 kms on clock told by them is normal that a vapour of oil comes from oil filler cap due to pressure. anybody heard of the problem
November 05, 2016, 16:27:51 by xiziz | Views: 653 | Comments: 3

Brake Pads
I searched around and could not find anything specific on this. Guess its the same on most cars, but I just wanna share some pictures today. :P

The main reason of doing this is to clean out rust, brake dust and relube the glidepins. Easy to replace the pads if needed too. (And we get some much appreciated garage time, wife won't go there :whistler: )

Some wire brushes, rasp(?), 14mm wrench, flathead screwdriver. Copper paste, high temp silicone grease and brakeclean. A bungee cord for tying the caliper up. Also gonna need a 13/16" socket to get the wheel off and a floor jack. Eye protection and a dustmask are recommended.

[img width=800 hei...
November 01, 2016, 09:01:00 by sidetops | Views: 572 | Comments: 3

Hi everyone, just bought a nice i30 1.4 SE in white, with 45,000 miles.

Lovely car, but have an issue. Had a look in the search function but can't find anything specific to answer the problem, and wondered if anyone knows what it might be.

When cold it is very hard to engage gear, especially reverse and first and second. However if I go for a drive, like the other day, for say 5 or 6 miles it becomes easier. I had parked the car for 20 minutes, and when I drove it home afterwards the gears where as smooth and easy as you like. 

Any ideas what it might be, please? Thanks in advance  :head_butt:

October 31, 2016, 06:54:19 by dnalor50 | Views: 2345 | Comments: 16

I own a 2015 i30 SR manual. The car handles well, it is quiet, it has no rattles, but it has one glaring fault which Hyundai which not acknowledge, let alone resolve.

The manual gearbox is the slowest and most ponderous that I have encountered in a lifetime of driving manual cars. The clutch must be pushed hard to the floor for each gear change. The gear stick needs to be moved to the the point of engagement and then slowly eased into gear. Any attempt to do a quick change results in resistance, or a slight grating or snick of gears. The problem is most apparent under acceleration when changing from first to second. The change from first to second must be done rapidly to keep up with traffic. When going up hill changing down als...
October 30, 2016, 04:49:12 by Pauldon56 | Views: 457 | Comments: 7

I have a 2010 (60) plate i30 hatchback comfort model. Noticed yesterday rust on both rear doors at the top under the rubber seal. 3 spots on offside door and 1 spot on nearside. I'm 100% sure Hyundai UK will claim it's not covered by warranty so I'm not even bothering with them. I live 26 miles from the coast so it's not corrosion caused by sea air.  So I will have to find a body shop to repair (at my cost) really disappointed that a 6 year old car is rusty,and that I'm not a one off. To me it looks like it's a Hyundai Fault.
October 25, 2016, 23:09:20 by Aussie-i30 | Views: 1544 | Comments: 34

Footwell Lights
Hi guys my first post here as only joined the i30 club today. I have just purchased a 2016 i30 SR. I'm in Australia and I would love to install some interior LED lights in the footwell of the car but I didn't want to fork out the $250 to Hyundai. I've had a look around the web and found a product called OPT7 see the link;
 :link: AURA? LED Interior Lighting Kit With SMART-Color Strips - OPT7

I'm wondering if anyone had installed these especially wiring them directly for power and if so is it possible to do it so that they only activate when the car is unlocked by me and the doors opened to get in/out.

Thanks in advance everyone.
October 18, 2016, 07:12:14 by Ipgoogle | Views: 898 | Comments: 9

hello ,

i have i30 2008 1.6 vvt petrol .
form week till now i have problem in it , when i drive my car for along time and along way ( 50km and more ) then try to stop on light ( on D of course ) , the RPM go down (400) and up to normal , when RPM go down the engine start shakes like the car it will turn off , and some time its turn off while A/C ON .
This problem just happen with me when drive on long way but in the city i have no problem ( in morning on short way i have no problem )
SO, i clean the IAC valve , and throttle ad change fuel filter and check idle speed every thing is OK . but the problem still happen and its feeling more when A/C ON .

So what to do now , please help

October 02, 2016, 21:30:39 by Heady | Views: 1316 | Comments: 14

Not sure if this should belong to the exterior or interior section as window tinting does change both the exterior aesthetics as well as the interior usability.

I know in Australia window tinting is very common; however, not so common in the UK.

As I am wanting to get the i30 ready for some future long distance trips - I wanted to have the windows tinted. 
Tinting the windows were for a few reasons:
(1) Reduce the amount of sun & therefore, heat in the rear cabin.
(2) Reduce the chance of opportunists eyeing high value items in the rear cabin they might take a liking to.
(3) Reduce the glare for rear passengers.

I had the i30 tinted a while ago - but its taken a while to get into a posi...
September 28, 2016, 19:08:34 by welldigger99 | Views: 1588 | Comments: 17

EGR Valve
Hi all,
For a couple of weeks now I have been suffering from hesitancy and jerkiness through the gears on my 2011 1.6 crdi I30 (75k miles).  The problem now seems to have manifested itself with a fault code P0404  which suggests an EGR  valve issue. My first port of call will be to remove and clean the EGR valve.  Have any forum members carried out this task please? Is it difficult /straightforward to remove? Any pointers to look out for?
Many thanks
September 14, 2016, 08:11:43 by Bad Wolf | Views: 1734 | Comments: 11

Several months ago when we purchased our new 2015 plated i30 (Oct 2015?) we were told that an Android version of Apple Air Play would be available within 6 months. Now that Hyundai has our money there seems little interest in letting us know if this update has been released. Recently I have seen talk of it now being available. I have logged onto the Hyundai website but can't see any place where I might download the software update. So hopefully someone on the forum might be more informed as to whether it has actually been released for the GD4, and if so where it might be obtained. Thanks in advance.
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