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September 13, 2021, 18:41:54 by CraigB | Views: 1337 | Comments: 11

Oil Leak
Had me little i30 in for it's 8 year service last week (84,000k's on the clock), when I picked it up the mechanic tells me it's developed a leak from the timing cover that apparently he's seen on at least three other 1.6 petrol engines in the last couple of years and it's a known problem with this engine :undecided:

I've searched everywhere and can't find any info on this reported problem though the mechanic assures me it is known by Hyundai and that not enough or incorrect sealant was used at the factory, I've spoken with Hyundai service and customer care and neither have heard of this issue either...unfortunately...or I might of had a chance of claiming an out of warranty defect :disapp:

Anyway, the mechanic said to ...
September 13, 2021, 10:58:50 by DaveBern | Views: 4430 | Comments: 9

My GD-01 head unit suffered the dreaded 'no sound' issue.  Initially I could get sound by pressing the on/off button repeatedly, but eventually even that failed to work.  I got a quote for $330 to fix it, which is crazy, as I could install a better unit for less money.  In another Hyundai forum, someone mentioned that they fixed their (different) unit by discovering that the screws that hold down the main board, and earth it to the chassis, were loose.  With nothing to lose, I removed the unit (very easy to do) and with half a dozen screws, gained access to the main board.  Sure enough, all 4 securing screws were loose.  They even have earth symbols on the board next to them.
I tightened the screws and reinstalled the unit.  It has had...
September 03, 2021, 11:29:39 by Bob.W | Views: 3703 | Comments: 7

Oil Leak
Hi Folks,

Car is 2017 PD Diesel (D4FB engine) - under warranty so pro serviced at intervals, I have done the oil + filter at the mid-point of this just for peace of mind (roughly 5000kms).

Did oil + filter 2 days ago and as I've done for yrs on this car and previous, seemed to go fine. Ryco R2695P filter + Valvoline 5w-30 oil. The Ryco comes with 2 o-ring seals, one small one for the end of the bit that runs down the middle of the filter and a much larger one thats for the filter housing itself. Changed both.

Next day as the wife drives out to work, we're about 20kms from town - I notice oil drips on garage floor. Figured I must have accidently spilt some small amount during change that was under bodywork, m...
September 03, 2021, 03:18:11 by Brian5291 | Views: 3624 | Comments: 6

Hi all, hope you’re safe and well, I need your help please, every time I start my i30 (from cold meaning engine being cold not driven for a while) I get issues where my revs jumps for like 30 seconds and if I give a little Rev everything gets back to normal? Did anyone had any similar issues with their diesels?
August 30, 2021, 12:44:43 by i30srb | Views: 1265 | Comments: 8

Hello, fellow i30 owners,

After a long time lurking, I decided to share my issue with you guys.
I saw quite a few topics on this forum, discussing oil level rise and failed DPF regenerations. Unfortunately, the same has happened to me. I noticed that the oil level in my car has had risen quite a lot. And it had a very liquid texture. I went to the official Hyundai service, where they told me that my DPF is in bad condition and that they will try with the forced regeneration. As they also told me, the soot level was 20 of something, which they wouldn't specify. It fell to 9 after the forced regeneration. We agreed that I should come back next week, for an oil change. In the meantime, I should observe if the oil level will ris...
August 27, 2021, 20:15:05 by BrendanP | Views: 631 | Comments: 1

Took my 2015 1.6 diesel to the dealer for an 'essentials' service this week. Overall I thought it pretty good value considering they change the engine oil & filter, air filter, fuel filter, pollen filter, brake fluid and coolant. Not sure why they change the engine coolant considering they did it only 18 months ago at the last service.

Anyhow, I checked the oil level next day and found it to be above the Full mark on the dipstick, which is about the 3rd or 4th time this has happened. I know the handbook states 5.3 litres, but my opinion is that 5 litres is the right amount, based on the dozen oil changes I've done on this engine. I could have taken it back and asked the dealer to draw off the excess, but that's 2 hours out of my ...
August 26, 2021, 11:09:57 by BrendanP | Views: 1338 | Comments: 12

My old 2011 diesel has now covered 224,000 miles and it is becoming increasingly difficult to engage the gears without crunching, especially reverse. The clutch has never been replaced, but I do change the gearbox oil at 90,000 mile intervals. I've bled the clutch to no avail. I suspect the clutch is worn out, though it doesn't slip at all. I'd like to check the easy things first, does anyone know what the stroke of the slave cylinder is supposed to be? I could check if it's delivering enough travel on the release lever to dis-engage the clutch.

Just thinking about it, if the clutch plate is worn, shouldn't that make it more likely that the clutch disengages when pressing the pedal down?

It may also be that the gearbo...
August 16, 2021, 01:55:33 by Rattly1 | Views: 3511 | Comments: 3

Morning All,

I have the above hyundai and it has been going well

Last November, it threw a check engine light, Hyundai dealership tracked it to a plug had come unclipped(?????) from the EGR harness

Ok no worries

Anyways drove it out of the workshop and the check engine light came on again  :'( :'( :'(

This time they changed out the EGR on warranty

My son drove the car from then till May/June when my daughter got her licence ( My son has no interest under the bonnet!!!!! )

We then lifted the bonnet (as I was showing my daughter what to check) to find the coolant not in the header/expansion tank and also it took coolant in the radiator

Took it to the deal...
August 14, 2021, 06:48:16 by sundiz | Views: 731 | Comments: 2

Bright Idea
My compressor coil broke down some time ago. Just a lot of sweaty driving, but otherwise did not affect the cars performance. I got a service kit, but unfortunately they send wrong part. Kit had a 4pk pulley as the car has 5pk belt system. I thought I might be able to change just the coil, if that would be same size. Yesterday the engine started make nasty sounds. I noticed that the AC compressor bearing broke down. Little bit of measuring with a fishing line and I drove to a parts store to get shorter belt. I placed the shorter belt so that it not going to the ac pulley at all. Seemed to work. At least I was able to drive home with it.

I've used 1810 and 1815 belts previously with ac. Now I have 1645 belt. Just a tip, if someone...
August 11, 2021, 09:47:23 by Diondede | Views: 3521 | Comments: 3

Wont Start
Hi all, I'm hoping I can get some help/ advice. I have seen quite a few post about rough idle/ flickering lights / starting issues with their i30 Sr's. but no one mentioning if they have gotten the issue solved.

im starting a new thread so hopefully ill get more responses. but yeah just wanting to know how many people have been effected and how many people have managed to get it fixed?

my super fun journey so far...

2017 PD SR with only 36000km on it

noticed flickering lights and the the idle was abnormally rough, so on my next service I mentioned it and the dealer said "book it in again as we need a full day to look at the transmission and please try get footage of the flickering"

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