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i30 1.6 FD 126km spark plug change

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Can't seem to find info on the gap of the spark plug should be - I got the info on the spark position which is 5mm if I read correctly.
I saw that the 2.0 FD has a 1.0-1.1mm - is it the same for the 1.6?

Any info very much welcome :)
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I got the info on the spark position which is 5mm

Mother me :eek: where did you read that? That's like a Grand Canyon gap :scared:

Typical delivered gap for a new plug would be 1mm, or maybe 1.2mm
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I just swapped mine a few weeks back, new ones were supplied 1.1mm so installed and running fine. I assumed it would be the same as every other petrol engine i have done, I'm probably wrong though the way this car has gone lol.

All the local suppliers (Repco, SCA, etc.) had 2 plugs listed, so obviously they gave me the wrong ones first. Should be M12 thread in ours and quite a long thread, 1st option was M14 short thread for some reason.
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