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2011 FD 2L Petrol with 32k - Timing Belt & Water Pump replacement?

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I'm looking after my mother in laws 2011 FD after she complained that her favoured local mechanic was fobbing her off. From a review of her service book it was looked after by a Hyundai Main Dealer for the first 5 years then a local mechanic for the last 5 years. Essentially the local guy has done nothing more than an oil/filter change each year.

I've replaced the spark plugs, air filter, cabin filter, fuel filter, brake fluid, coolant and transmission fluid. Next question is should the timing belt be replaced as a full kit including a new water pump? The service manual indicates that the belt needs to be replaced at 6 Years/140k. When talking to the local main dealer and checking the service schedule online using the VIN it is showing as due at 9 years. Either way it needs done ASAP but should I be replacing the full kit and the water pump given the very low km?  Anyone got a good independent garage in Sydney?
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Most of the timing belts i have done on other brands have been 100k km or 10 years, whichever comes first. A lot will depend on if you are doing it yourself or paying a mechanic, and what the plans are for the car long or short term.

If i do them myself the belts come off "looking ok" but id rather have the peace of mind, the other components i personally will/wont replace depending on what my plans are for the car. If it is old and i am just trying to keep it going i wont bother changing everything, and then just deal with any issues as they come up (maybe it starts dripping a bit of oil from a weepy seal so no big deal). If we are planning on keeping the car i will change all the other bits so i don't have to go in there again. I am not familiar with the 2l Hyundai engine, but on my Toyota i replaced the seals and water pump as to get to the pump i would need to take the timing belt off anyway. In the end seals are cheap so why not go the whole hog if you can.

Over here mechanics will only change a timing belt as well as all the ancillaries as that is the only way they can warranty it, but once you are paying the labour for getting to the belt you may as well pay the small extra to do it all.
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