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Fuel filter replacement i30 SR MY2018

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Hey guys

Thought I'd share my fuel filter change.
It was really difficult (I'm a complete beginner...have only changed oil and cabin & engine filters so far), so this was a challenge.

Believe it or not, the most challenging part was putting the darn thing back in. Had to get the neighbours who do their own servicing to come and help and we still couldn't get the part to sit flush with the plate.

Anyway, here are some pics as I went along. There were a few differences to the videos on YT, mainly there was a small clasp at the end of the spring (pictured in my hand below), so the filter didn't just pop out. Also, the clips are a little different in this one - they're kind of a hybrid clip attached to a rubber pad. There are 3 mains ones holding the main unit together. I didn't have as much trouble with the clips as I thought (was worried they were going to break off).

Due to inexperience, I had to take the filter apart twice because I left parts out >< (see the green wash picture...this was also the hardest part to get in - I had to move the washers around, up and down to try and squeeze them back in and eventually it just popped in)

I checked everything before putting it back and cross-checked with my pictures and videos.

The other difference was using a knife to cut the silicon and break the seal - there were no screws. (see first picture)

It would have been about a 2 hr job if it wasn't for the troublesome plate!

If anyone has experience in successfully putting their plate back let me know. We're going to have another crack tomorrow - 3 screws left to secure. Unlike other videos I've seen online, there is no cutout in the edge/rim of the tank to fit the fuel filter unit in. It's all just one even shape, so it should be straightforward, but the thing is so ridiculously tight that it's shaving off the edge of the filter unit just to get it in.

Part was Ryco Z1130. As you can see in the pics, it's exactly the same as the original part. No problem fitting the filter itself.

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