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Rear wiper arm stuck

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I recently had to replace the rear wiper motor on a 2011 FD hatchback, the wiper was moving very slowly and stalling in places. I obtained a 2nd hand motor to replace it with but found it impossible to pull the wiper arm off the motor shaft. I bought a puller tool, but it wouldn't budge even after tightening up the puller as tight as I dared, and applying penetrating oil, heat, tapping it with a hammer, wiggling the arm. Eventually I resorted to sawing through the shaft, then knocked out what was left of the shaft from the arm. Didn't matter as I was replacing the motor anyway.

It may be advisable to pull the wiper arms off the shafts every couple of years, just to make sure they don't seize on. Apply a smear of anti-seize compound, just to make sure the arm will come off when you really need it to.
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That's great 'preventative' advice there BrendanP, thanks.

Strange that it should sit so tight on its spline and can't be removed with a simple left-right-left tapping motion.
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Thanks, Brendan. I was expecting you to finish the story by saying you found a nut under the cap whose removal would have saved all that work 😨

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Checked my car which is a gd and has same set up.

If mine did that and given how you eventually resolved I'd probably leave it as currently not an MOT item.

Thanks for the info. .
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