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GD Tourer - Saggy Bottom Solution - Polyair install

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So as we all know, the GD Tourer has a saggy rear end due to too soft springs. This has annoyed me to no end, as even loading the boot with a few items leaves the tyre tucking. There are no easy, off the shelf solutions to this issue in Australia. Or is there?

I reached out to Polyair after seeing the Air lift 1000 thread as I didn't want a universal solution given that I would be towing a camper. A lot of too and fro and measuring led to Polyair kit 63593 - for a Jimny.

I installed these over the weekend - I will take some pictures soon, I'm not 100% happy with the air line route I chose (remembering this kit is not for our i30s). The bag itself was able to be inserted from the bottom with a bit of creative folding (zippies didn't work, bag too stiff). There is no rubbing noise from the bags, they seem perfect girth. The negative camber on the bum unloaded is gone. The roll through the corners is gone, feels much more direct.

I will put a decent load on the tandem in the next few weeks and take some pics at varying pressures in the bags. Same again with the camper when it arrives. So far happy with the solution, especially considering no spring removal and cost under $200 (ebay sale $187.95 from sparesbox).

Stay tuned folks

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