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I've had my i30 (65 plate) 1.6 diesel since December & I can't get anywhere near the stated mpg figures Hyundai state. I'm aware real life driving won't match official figures, but mine seem miles away.
Urban I think Hyundai claim 67 mpg I'm getting approx 56, so I can live with that, it's the extra Urban where the real issue lies.
Hyundai claim 83 mpg, I can manage 59, so a massive difference.
On a run you would expect at least 10 - 15mpg more than around town, not 3mpg difference.

Any ideas chaps ?

It's got full main dealer service history, with 43,000 miles on the clock.
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On my 2015 i30 1.6 diesel I averaged 52 mpg during the winter and 56 mpg during the summer - but I am no longer a sporty driver.  I drive light footed, within speed limits and don't accelerate quickly.
I owned it for only 11,700 miles during which time it averaged 54.7 mpg.
The best I got was a 520 mile trip to Scotland and back when it averaged 58.1 mpg.

Economy is better during hot summer months.

I now have a KIA hybrid with a 1.6 petrol engine which achieves similar figures.  The best on a long trip has been 68.3 mpg. but cold weather knocks that back a lot.
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