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2010 Diesel Turbo Replacement

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Hello everyone
I have just clocked 300,000 elms and have noticed that the turbo is occasionally making a siren sound under load.
I've owned vehicle since new so not a bad run.
I intend to have the turbo replaced by a workshop,
As I live on the Sunshine Coast (Maroochydore) would anyone have any good recommendations between Noosa and Brisbane for turbo replacement.
Also should I go for OEM, aftermarket or repair.
Appreciate any advice

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I’ve been considering replacing my turbo too, although now at 421,000. It’s a lot cheaper to replace a turbo before it inserts various parts of itself throughout the engine block, or so I hear.
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You guys sure have made your CRDi i30s go the distance (pun intended). Have you had your glow plugs replaced since factory?

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Anyone replaced a turbo on an FD 1.6 Deisel? I have a worsening turbo whine and have done 287K km. Any idea of cost in Australia?

My wagon is still running very well otherwise and I don't really want an SUV or a hatch.

I have tried to get quotes from 3 places and they haven't called me back. Business must be good!

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