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June 02, 2021, 08:22:59 by jezgadi | Views: 2307 | Comments: 6

If it's a short drive, there won't be any dripping but if I drive for more than 30 mins I will hear a constant dripping sound when I turn off the car. It drips for a couple minutes and stops. Is this common?

My car also seems to feel like it shudders more when on idle than it used to when I got it fresh. It sometimes shudders when I slow to a crawl and accelerate (not a complete stop). I've brought my car in for the respective car checks annually and mentioned all of this but always got back a negatory on detecting any issues. I'm due to bring it in for this year's inspection and will definitely bring it up again but would like to hear anyone else having to deal with these issues and if the dealership has been able to fix them.
May 17, 2021, 20:20:15 by Pnut | Views: 1657 | Comments: 9

Lol a supposedly simple something I never thought I would have to ask for help on... its not like its my first rodeo  :head_butt:

I have tried to remove the radiator cap a few times but cant seem to get it off. I can turn it counterclockwise to the first stop, but cant seem to get it any further. I have tried to push down but feel like if I push any harder I might risk damaging or breaking the neck or top of the radiator.

Am I missing something? Is there some special technique? Or do I just need to grow a pair and push on it harder than I have on any other car I've owned?
May 14, 2021, 07:02:36 by Steve101 | Views: 1895 | Comments: 1

Can I replace my GD tail lights (bulb type) with LED type from an SR?

Are they a direct “plug and play” replacement?
May 10, 2021, 14:35:53 by Cloggedmammal44 | Views: 3802 | Comments: 5

Gear Stick Manual
Evening all, first post and not someone who has a great knowledge or maintaining cars, so please dumb down for a beginner!!
I've had my 2009 1.6l manual i30 for about 3 years. It's only done 40k miles, but I've had recurring issues with the gear changes for a while. First time, they started getting difficult regularly, as in I had to force it into gear. I got a new clutch installed and that seemed to solve it for a few months.
However, today I noticed that it was slightly tougher than before, wasn't too worried as I thought that would be normal once the clutch had worn in. Unfortunately, there were several times when I couldn't get it into gear at all, certainly lower gears. I thought it was me, that I wasn't depressing the clut...
April 26, 2021, 18:57:33 by boonergooner | Views: 4645 | Comments: 19

Hello all, need some help!
My 2009 i30 has stood for a few months, a few weeks ago I discovered the battery was dead so I took it off the charge it up, I left it off the car for a few weeks and when I put it back on my stereo will now not work at all, nothing on screen. I have checked the fuse marked audio and clock as the handbook appears to say it's connected to the audio? you can see from the pictures the audio fuse inside a yellow clip that  I now know I should have pulled out when parking the car up! The audio fuse looked intact but I changed it for another 15a fuse that I knew was working but this did not change anything. Can anyone give me any advice on whether I need to do something with the ignition key or if there's an intern...
April 26, 2021, 01:09:49 by luko | Views: 1391 | Comments: 6

Hi there, I recently changed the power steering coupling on my 2011 i30cw CRDI SX wagon. The clunking stopped and it works perfectly. It sounds like it's coming from the electric motor, and it sounds louder when I turn the wheel fast. The sound is unnoticeable on normal driving. You can only here it when you turn the wheel fast and it's almost a clicking whir sound. Could I have done the motor bolts up too tightly? It sounds to me like it's coming from the motor and maybe the bearing of the motor is stressed due to new coupling and/or me doing it too tight. When I first got the car it had this sound but wasn't as noticeable; you really had to turn the wheel fast to hear it. Any ideas?

I had a good look on the forum and this is th...
April 03, 2021, 20:19:20 by Endeavor | Views: 4763 | Comments: 7

Hi guys,
Anyone had this issue before?
Changing tires to summers... tire stud broke off.
Does anyone know the stud size  ( front, 2012 FD 2.0 petrol) or part number and if i need to remove the hub to replace it?
Although car has only 60 K wouldnut be easier to replace the entire hub assembly ( i think it comes with studs) rather than  remove and try to replace one of  the studs.
Thank you very much.
March 28, 2021, 04:25:35 by BrendanP | Views: 3784 | Comments: 13

Key Fob
I've just replaced the case on the 2nd fob of my partners 2011 FD. As you can see from the photos, the rubber over the buttons starts to break up, and eventually the blade holder splits at which point it becomes unusable. The replacement kit cost £7-99 and includes a new battery. It is an improvement over the 1st kit I used as the two halves of the case are secured with a screw and there is a Hyundai badge to stick over the screw head. With the 1st kit, the twisting force when turning the key caused the case halves to separate so I had to glue them together. I'm hoping the screw will prevent that.

The new kit comes with a blank blade, but as the objective was to save money I re-used the old key blade. First I had to remove the ne...
March 08, 2021, 04:36:10 by AlanHo | Views: 4359 | Comments: 4

The government have issued an update to MOT testers. (Annual car inspections for vehicles 3 or more years old)

As of 1 January 2021, section 4.1.4 of the MOT Inspection manual reads: “Existing halogen headlamp units should not be converted to be used with high intensity discharge (HID) or light emitting diode (LED) bulbs. If such a conversion has been done, you must fail the headlamp.” '

Before this, as long as the headlights worked and were aimed properly plus they had the correct beam pattern, a car would pass its MOT for that section.
Which meant that you could go on to the internet, find a seller overjoyed to take your cash while promising an ‘LED upgrade’ to your existing bulbs and voila!
Super-bright bu...
March 07, 2021, 13:41:37 by Funkyfin2000 | Views: 6303 | Comments: 26

Wont Start
Hi All,

New to the forum - thanks for having me and hope someone can help with a pretty serious issue. The car is a 2014 i30 CRDI 1.6ltr.

The issue was intermittent with the car sometimes not starting - and then the problem has got worse, with the car not starting at all now from the key/ignition.

I've done a You Tube video to help you see the issue - but essentially, all the electrics and car work fine, but when you go to try and crank the engine nothing happens. You get clicking from the fuses/solenoid, but nothing happens at all.

When you push the key to the cranking position the radio and main beam lights go off as well but come back on when the key returns to normal position.

A me...
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