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Car has intermittent issues starting

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Hey all!
I've become the owner of a 2013 i30 elite at the beginning of the year, bought it from a sweet old lady who very rarely drove it. So I've just hit the 30,000 Klms mark.
I’ve been noticing that at random times the car has trouble starting, forgive my inability to adequately explain the situation, but the only way I know how to describe the issue is that while the car seems to start( it’s a push button petrol) it splutters and I have to press the accelerator a few times to get the engine to settle down so that it idles like it should.  It occurs at random intervals and generally when there is no one else around to hear what happens. The last time it occurred even reving the car didn’t help so I had to turn the car off. Funny thing is I started it immediately after and no problem.
I’ve had it suggested that it could be the alternator or the starter motor, it’s also been suggested that it could be the battery or the fuel filter.  One mechanic has suggested that the battery terminal is loose and that’s the likely cause of the issues with the intermittent problems. But to get it fixed I need to go to an auto electrician and get them to make the part needed.
Help, any suggestions on what it might be or what I should do!

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Hi Tal13n and  :welcum:

What's the service history like? Uptodate and complete?

The fact that it does start then splutters, suggests a fuel issue to me. Maybe a fuel filter, hence the question about the service history :)
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