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Title: 2011 i30 FD - Auto trans problem after new valve body
Post by: Romen on January 14, 2021, 02:30:44
Hi everyone.

First off, the TL;DR version (too long, didn't read):
-Replace Valve body and internal harnesses with new ones
-Putting the car in reverse took about 5 seconds
-Didnt want to change up gears as readily as it should along with odd behaviour
-Ended up in limp mode/gear 3 where reverse going in instantly, but with the typical thud
-Throwing error P0732 Powertrain - Gear 2 incorrect ratio

It's a Hyundai i30 diesel automatic, built in Feb 2011. 4 speed.

Just replaced my valve body due to the typical issues. Replaced it with part number 4621023020, a new one from Also replaced with two wiring harness as I had to fix them in the past due to bad solder joints. Figured it was easier getting new ones at the same time  :)

All seemed to have gone well. Turned the car on, all good. In fact it was running smoother than it has in a long while and more stable revs according to my OBDII scanner and Torque app.

Then I put the car in reverse... It took about 5 seconds to get in there, however it was very smooth and the car felt way more connected then it has for a long time. Placed in drive, and it went in immediately and drove off great... until I would have expected it to go in to second gear. The revs went up to around 3,000 rpm before it did, and it didn't feel right. It didn't seem to surge. It had issues with going in to other gears too. After going in to second gear it quickly changed to 3 then 4. After a few minutes, the gearbox went in to limp-mode and locked in 3rd gear. While in limp mode, it went in to reverse instantly, though with the typical thud.

The scanner showed P0732 Powertrain : Gear 2 Incorrect Ratio.

Any suggestions? My fear is I got some of the accumulator springs in the wrong spot! In my gearbox, the 3 together are green, and the one by itself was red. lol At least my P0748 and other errors are gone  :P
Title: Re: 2011 i30 FD - Auto trans problem after new valve body
Post by: Romen on January 15, 2021, 00:11:57
After playing with it today, it's still not happy. I confirmed the connector on the outside of the gearbox was inserted correctly, which it was.

Trying to work out what it could be.

The problem appears more to do with Reverse gear initiating and going to go in to 2nd gear (which the car wants to rev to about 3000 rpm first). Ill confirm later, but I think Reverse and 2nd gear are linked? I'll consult the car manual shortly and the transmission PDF I have laying around to see if I can isolate which parts I might need to be looking for. I don't mind taking out the VB again to fix it, I just don't want to do it without knowing I need to look for some thing specific etc. lol It's a 6 hours job after all in the Australian summer heat  :lol:

P0732 is, as per tw2005's post in this thread:  :link: i30 2008 elite diesel auto transmission slipping not changing through gears (

8 P0732 Fail Safe 3

The value of the input shaft speed should be equal to the value of the output shaft speed, when multiplied by the 2nd gear ratio, while the transaxle is engaged in the 2nd gear. For example, if the output speed is 1000 rpm and the 2nd gear ratio is 1.551, then the input speed is 1.551 rpm.
DTC Description

This code is set if the value of input shaft speed is not equal to the value of the output shaft, when multiplied by the 2nd gear ratio, while the transaxle is engaged in 2nd gear. This malfunction is mainly caused by mechanical troubles such as control valve sticking or solenoid valve malfunctioning rather than an electrical issue.

Could low oil trans oil cause this problem? Maybe too much oil?  :blubber:

Could I have damaged or omitted these o-rings to cause an issue like this?


Title: Re: 2011 i30 FD - Auto trans problem after new valve body
Post by: Romen on January 18, 2021, 03:30:54
Problem solved. :) Will post later on along with a detailed guide on how to replace the VB on a 2011 i30 diesel. :)
Title: Re: 2011 i30 FD - Auto trans problem after new valve body
Post by: Romen on January 18, 2021, 18:33:09
First of all, here's what happened...

Here's a view of the new VB.. Notice the locating pins.
( (

Here's a view of the original VB... Notice something is missing.
( (

And here's what happened....
( (

( (

It seems the original locating pin from the old VB was stuck in the transmission, and I didn't pick it up when I was installing. I thought something was odd as when I was tightening up the bolts with the torque wrench (set to 10 Nm) I kept on having to going around and around on one side. After fixing the pins (I used one from the old VB in the new VB) and installing it again, once a bolt was torqued up, it didn't have to be done again. Yes I checked them all anyway as when I opened up the sump originally there was a bolt stuck to a filter magnet. :rofl:

The error that was thrown, P0732 Powertrain - Gear 2 incorrect ratio, was probably due to the fact the system has no idea what was going on with fluid pressure lol

All good now. The car is running way better than ever, way better fuel economy to boot. I'm just collecting up some information and putting some stuff together so others have a more detailed guide specific for these cars as there are some differences between videos such as  :link: How To Fix Transmission A4CF2 Shift Problems / Check Engine Errors - YouTube ( compared with the i30.

All up, it takes's about 6 hours when the car jacked up to complete properly.
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