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2016 i30 Diesel DCT Clutch Rattle - Replacement Recommended?

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My 6.5 year old diesel i30 with DCT has just finished 165,000km of problem free driving, but I have noticed the car getting louder at idle. It sounds like a loud rattle, and since it's a diesel I assumed the engine was the cause.  On some cold starts in the morning I can feel the idle being a little rough, with the tacho needle moving slightly at random.  The rattle is only there at idle, and never under load.

The dealer says the loud rattle is coming from the DCT, and has recommended a clutch and flywheel replacement. I imagine this is going to cost the thick end of AUD$5k. Are dealers qualified to do this repair, or does it go to a specialist?  I am waiting for a quote, but the dealer already said 'flywheels are expensive right now'...

So now I have a choice. The rattle has been happening for years and I don't have any clutch slip or problems driving.

Keep driving it? Book in for a repair after shopping around? How likely is it to cause an actual failure to drive? How long is a piece of string?

EDIT:  Quote has now come in.  Parts/service pricing for the clutch pack noise fix is AUD$4327, of which $3255 is parts.
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