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April 28, 2021, 20:00:58
November 02, 2020, 13:34:54 by cocosamba | Views: 2264 | Comments: 5

Hello everybody!

I have been dealing with a 1st gear "resistance" or hard engaging for some time.

I will tell you the succesion of events in order to have the complete picture:

-the clutch was changed in 2017 by the previous owner (i have the bill that states the clutch kit was replaced)
- I changed the damper and flushed the clutch about a month ago (it seemed to be a little better)
- I didn't change the master or slave cylinder (no leaks and they seem to move and operate correct)
- after the damper change the clutch fork seems to move a little bit more and the gears seemed to engage better but not perfect
- I changed the gearbox oil - little or no improvements
- the gearbox oil was...
October 31, 2020, 13:41:32 by Johnny Faro | Views: 914 | Comments: 5

Hi all

My daughter was in the osr seat and climbed forward still in the seat belt till it would go no further. It now won't retract. Popped the plastic cover and it looks like the actual mech is somewhere down in boot or under seats

Can anyone confirm where it is as want to try and see if it's twisted or will feed back in. It's a 2009 i30

October 30, 2020, 11:02:21 by BrendanP | Views: 1285 | Comments: 16

Oil Pump
Has anyone tried this with a GD 1.6 CRDi?

I bought a cheap draining pump with a 6mm diameter hose that I assume you push down the dipstick tube until it reaches the bottom of the sump. However, the dipstick tube becomes much narrower about half way down. The dipstick is 5mm wide flat strip, and when it's half way down you can't rotate it any more, which suggests the tube narrows down to a thin slot that only the dipstick will get through. I wouldn't like to force the tube  down it in case anything breaks off and ends up in the oil.

October 24, 2020, 22:43:27 by Endeavor | Views: 2396 | Comments: 8

I decided it was time to  put on the winters.  So took them out of the garage and went ... nowhere. The stupid "key" - just a socket with a fancy inner shape , worjed just fine on the first bolt and then it would jump off and slip on all 3  remaining wheels. WTH ... so looked like i ternals got semi stripped.
Got the part number and needed just the socket.
It appears thst lug nuts  key ( same part number) have about 12   patterns  and there is no way to get a socket that would guaranteed work on your lug nuts.
Dealer has a "" master key"  so only way is to take the car in their shop to undo the lug nuts and then install a new ones.
Does something similar happened to you guys?

I ended up getting a new wheel  l...
October 22, 2020, 23:46:53 by SydneyPat | Views: 2129 | Comments: 8

Hi all. I've had my brand new i30 NLine for 3 weeks now and absolutely love this car. However, I used the windscreen wipers for the second time last week and within 5 minutes the lower half of the drivers side wiper was skipping/juddering (only) on the way up. I don't imagine there's an issue with the windshield being overly dirty given it was a 2 week old car that's garaged and the other wiper works fine. Plus the dodgy wiper has a new blade.

Has anyone experienced this on their new Hyundai and is there an easy way to fix this or adjust the blade angle?

Am I better off just getting the Hyundai dealer to look at it when I take it for the 1,500 km complimentary check up?

October 22, 2020, 15:35:00 by ohwreg | Views: 952 | Comments: 13

Brake Pads
I just took my car for a quick "Health check" to the local Hyundai dealer and they said it was perfect. In the video they sent me, however, I noticed that the rear brake discs are quite corroded and only have a narrow band clear on them, while the front seem brand new. They did say that the brake pads are non-genuine, are lacking the anti squeal shims and are 10% worn.

Is this normal for i30 GD or is something wrong with the rear brakes? Thanks

Pictures: :link: i30 GD 2016 brake discs - Album on Imgur
October 18, 2020, 19:58:24 by DaveBern | Views: 675 | Comments: 5

Hello from a new member.  I bought a 2013 GD CRD wagon a few weeks ago with the low clutch issue.  It has 170K Km on it.  Before I bought it I got on the web and read the posts.  Easily fixed by removing the damper, I thought.  I  used this plug:
:link: VSTI16x1.5EDCF | Parker, Steel Hydraulic Blanking Plug, Max Operating Pressure 400 bar, Thread Size M16 x 1.5 | RS Components
Which fitted perfectly.  problem is it made very little difference.
Sticking my head up under the pedals I saw the plastic master cylinder pushrod, and noticed that the clevis eye had worn significantly.  There was an inch of movement at the pedal before the pushrod star...
October 17, 2020, 16:20:21 by sabotage3d | Views: 2422 | Comments: 12

Hi all, I purchased my i30 2015 1.4 manual a couple of months ago and I decided to service it with the local Hyundai dealer. So I booked interim service and I asked for full replacement of the manual transmission oil.
After they completed the work I noticed they used automatic transmission oil instead and they don't mention flushing the old one where I specifically requested and paid for it.
Please see the attached image from the receipt and from the manual. Do you guys think the ATF oil is compatible with the manual transmission?

October 11, 2020, 08:41:30 by BrendanP | Views: 771 | Comments: 2

Glow Plug
My partners 2011 diesel with 201,000 miles is now getting harder to start from cold. After the glow plug light goes out it takes a good 5-6 seconds of cranking to fire up, and then it runs rough for a few more seconds until settling down to a smooth idle. I suspect one or more glow-plugs have failed, but I'm reluctant to change them after reading about how they can snap-off or strip the thread from the cylinder head even if you can remove them.

For this reason, I'm tempted to leave them unless and until the cold starting becomes intolerable.

On my own 2015 diesel, I don't have these issues, but would it be good idea to remove the glow plugs and refit them, if this makes them less likely to get stuck as the car gets ol...
September 29, 2020, 15:40:27 by robur | Views: 1457 | Comments: 6

Hi there,
I got an interesting problem on my i30 FD 2009 concerning front windows switch. Basically the situation here is:
- Driver window works normally,
- Passenger window from panel on passenger door works normally,
- Passenger window from panel on driver door would only go down  :'( to put it up I have to do it from passenger side, it won't go up from the drivers panel

With those symptoms I figured that all the mechanical part shall be fine and narrowed the problem to the drivers' side window steering panel. I disassembled electronic to the smallest parts and indeed, the switch on the right (bottom on the pic) is the trouble maker. Inside each element there are two button, the one for the window going up d...
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