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Clutch problems.
« April 28, 2021, 18:42:45 »
Hello guys and girls   

So here is my story.    And thank you for your opinions. 

at about 17000km in the winter of 2020 my car starting having small trepidations when I first engaged first gear and left, it only had this issue once every few days, it was cold weather and I blamed it for that. I don.t have any mechanical expertise and due to covid 19 restrictions plus I also got infected I was unable to get to the service for a checkout.

 The trepidations were gone in the spring of 2021 and on 09.04 2021 at about 22500km I went to the service for the annual maintenance program, I also told them about the trepidations.  The dealer  told me about the clutch acting up, they made the following warranty file: They offered me workmanship price and other parts on warranty and I only had to pay 150 euro for the clutch disk. On 26.04.2021 at 23000km I went with the car to their service. After they disassembled the clutch.

 They inspected the parts and told me the wear and tear is too great and they refused the initial warranty and told me the repairs would cost 700 euros. . After talking to several mechanics about this  it is a very abnormal situation Even the "worst" driver out there can.t break a clutch system so soon on a brand new car with that millage, especially when 80% of my millage was done on long trips without the need to change gears very often. I also am not a speedster or drive like a maniac.

So now i don.t know what to do. 

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Re: Clutch problems.
« Reply #1 : April 28, 2021, 19:36:29 »
The dark shiny spots on the flywheel and pressure plate are from excessive clutch slip, the friction material has slipped so much it has heated up the steel at those points making it change colour. Heating it also causes little hard patches on the steel so some of the other steel will wear away leaving the hard spots sitting up, making it shudder even worse. IMHO i have seen this only on cars with over 150k km and really is just "normal" wear and tear, or on cars where they have been abused from things like people learning to drive and slipping the clutch too much for excessive periods of time or from trying to do burnouts and that kind of thing. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying anything about you, just what i have seen happen and had to fix.  :wink:

The only other thing that might cause it is a poorly adjusted clutch, where the clutch would never be fully engaged and so slip. You would feel it by the clutch engagement being down at the floor, and probably hard to get into 1st or reverse, probably crunching as it did so
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Re: Clutch problems.
« Reply #2 : April 29, 2021, 01:36:12 »
Thx Pnut.   
 My other car is a fiat albea.  Got it in 2007  new and it.s used for work a full time mule.    It has 170.000km    and never had any problems with the clutch
The only parts i changed on that car were suspension related.   As our country roads are crap. 

That.s why i went for another new car.    To not have problems you get with a sh. 
"Hidden surprises".

Telling me about first and revers gear is a real eye opener.     It was exactly what i experienced from day 1.      Sometimes it couldn.t get into gear at all.  Happened like once a week.  Depending how much i would use the car.   
I always though is a new car problem.   Until it "settled" down.

A quick edit.   I never did burnouts.    Just getting from a traffic light quick a few times.     Also i never use the clutch pedel when it.s not necessary.  And i don't rest my leg on it.      Always went with : treat the car like a baby.   And it will last a long time.   

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