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i30 FD Head Unit Replacement to Android

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Hello All,

I took a bit of a gamble and ordered a Android head unit and i30 FD SLX fascia kit from China to replace the very aging i30 FD stereo.
The biggest hurdle was the new fascia. The screws didn't line up very well with the stock a/c controls and vents. The most problematic part of the fascia was that the demister button's 3 screw mounts didn't line up at all. I wonder if the fascia was designed for left hand drive version of the i30, or was it just lazy designing. Using the help of a mate and a hacksaw and glue, I was able to modify the fascia to make it work. (I believe the "manual aircon" which I assume comes with the SX model of the FD i30 doesn't have these problems with their fascia).
The end result looks pretty good. The head unit has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage (I confirmed with a storage testing app that it is legit storage, and not fake). It has decent CPU as well. It supports the steering wheel controls, and headlight detection (ie lights the screen and buttons when headlights are turned on). A couple of USB ports. Also can add a 4G SIM for data, and has a built in GPS and comes with an antenna for it. It also came with a reversing camera. I haven't installed this yet.
It is all working pretty well. I have tried spotify, tune in, google podcasts - all going good. I am having problems with Android Auto though, but I have decided not to bother with it. Since it's an Android OS, it isn't really needed. You can load the apps you need directly, independent of the phone.
It didn't come with an AM/FM antenna adaptor, but I can order one online pretty cheap. Also, you do lose the temperature information.
Anyway for $375 delivered, I'm pretty happy with the result.

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hi @SupaG ,
I am replying to these on the forum rather than PM, in case anyone else would benefit from this discussion.
Firstly, I believe GST is normal for overseas purchases. See here for more info: :link: Australian consumers importing goods and services | Australian Taxation Office
With the fascia, there's no set way to do it, it will require trial and error. You need to cut down the plastic spacers on the fascia until the stock switches are level with the fascia. After doing this, in some spots you may need to use some glue to hold the stock switches in (I used a hot glue gun, as it seems strong enough without being too permanent). In terms of the air vents there was some trial and error there also but can't remember exactly what I did. It may help to file down some of the plastic from the fascia wheel vent holes to help the wheels fit. At the end of the day, the vents were "good enough" without being perfect. They wheels need a bit more effort to turn them due to the tightness, but I have never used the vent wheels a great deal so I didn't bother too much about it.
In terms of connection to an amp - I haven't got it connected to one, but I would recommend it if you have one. If you have SPDIF output then I believe that's the best way to connect to an amp (my unit doesn't have SPDIF).

Hi Nev75, I'm new on here.
I've had my i30 since new 2009 FD SR petrol. I have not modified anything. But I have now purchased a Navifly 9" 7862 Android head unit complete with fascia/trim panel & rear camera. As you said the panel does not line up with air vent control wheels, climate control unit middle mounting post too long and lower switch demister and hazard switch mounting posts in wrong position all together.  The other issue I have with them was I purchased through AliExpress (first time) and they have charged GST on the transaction twice. ( I have contacted them? won't hold my breath)
Anyway....curious as to how you modified and glued? mounting post and vent holes etc
Any thoughts or help would be very much appreciated.
Also my i30 had factory fitted amp with factory head unit. How did you go with wiring, did you bypass amp, or just not have one fitted?
Cheers and thanks for any help you can give

Hi Nev75,
 I'm new on here and have a 2009 FD SR  with factory sound system inc amplifier. I have owned my vehicle since new and nothing has been altered. I have gone down the same path as yourself having ordered and received a 700 8gb 128gb Navifly Android 9" unit complete with fascia panel for auto air.
Just like you, now find mounting posts and vents wheel slots do not line up and middle mounting post for AC control head needs to be modified.
Was excited? interested to find someone else has been down this path. ant advice you can give would be much appreciated.
I have done more homework and now see there is another model fascia that has slightly different shaped vent outlets (more like original) but trade off is only can take a smaller sized screen.
I purchased my unit from Navifly on Aliexpress. Not sure about their tax setup either.
anyway thanks in anticipation of any help.

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Thanks Nev, appreciate the response.

Trial and error seem to be the order going forward
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