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i30 FD - Metallic banging/clunking noise being elusive

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Hi all,

My 2010 FD mk1 1.6 CRDi auto has recently developed a weird metallic clunking, the symptoms of which I've never experienced before.

It's a very low down deep sounding metallic clunk from the front offside/driver side, and only happens when the car is warm. If it's stone cold, there's no noise to be heard.

It happens almost exclusively when I take power or when I brake. Even just slight throttle application causes it to thunk, and braking is the same although not 100% of the time.

Here's what I know:

I've replaced lower wishbones and bushes
Replaced anti roll bar drop links
Replaced shock absorbers and strut tops/bearings
Replaced ball joints
Steering column rubber star has been replaced/fixed under Hyundai recall
Only happens when engine is warm
Sometimes does it over bumps, but not always
Sometimes does it when turning, again not always
Front offside wheel is known to squeak when turning left or right[/li][/list]

Here's what I'm unsure of:

Currently theories I have point to either wheel bearing or CV joint, but both feel fine when lifted/off the deck
Thought maybe engine mount but feels fine
Potentially steering rack in some capacity but again feels fine, steers fine, no knocking 99% of the time when turning.

I'm at a loss now, and suggestions/pointers welcome. I'd rather avoid taking it to a garage if possible - I don't trust any of them as far as I can throw them.

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At a guess I would say CV joints or maybe engine mounts , I had a weird vibration that would only happen at certain speeds with no other symptoms.

I replaced both the drive shafts and the problem was fixed but it took me a while before I replaced them as I was chasing other things as being the cause.

If you are going to replace the drive shafts then do the wheel bearings while your there as you would have to remove the drive shafts to replace the front wheel bearings anyway.

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