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How to add cheap cruise to Czech-made Hyundai i30 (GD) 1.6TDI

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I read a few threads here about adding cruise to I30 and wanted to share what I found and how I succeeded. I can't answer those old threads, so I though I'd make a new one and tell you what I went through.
Threads that I found useful:
:link: Hyundai i30 2014 Steering wheel Cruise control wiring diagram
I will borrow some images from these.

My car was base model that had just few buttons:
left up: volume up/down and mute
left low: no buttons
right up: seek up/down and mode
right down: flex steer, trip and reset

So I ordered a set from aliexpress, trademark: PUFEITE. It has almost all functions. It does not have speed limiter, audio control button and flex steer button.
Notice that there are two different sets of cruise control buttons for this model: One with just cruise control and another one which also has speed limiter function.

It didn't work when I installed it. Turns out I had put left side connectors to right side etc. But I took it out and went through all the wires and dug deep. For the main connector I found this image to be pretty accurate:

What is wrong? First - color codes. They don't match. Pin positions are correct, but naming sucks.
I'd name them instead:
1. -         7. -
2. Left+      8: LED+
3. Left-      9: LED-
4. -         10: Right+
5. -         11: Right-
6. Flex+      12: Horn-

Nice and short. What we can find is that there is few circuits. LED circuit is wired into every module on the steering wheel. It powers LEDs that illuminate the modules - nothing else.
Left hand buttons have their own circuit: Left+ and Left-. All buttons on left side are in this circuit. The original base model steering wheel has some of the left side buttons wired to right side by using jumper wire. When I say left buttons and right buttons from now on, I mean with models that have more functions than this base model wheel.
Right hand buttons have their own circuit: Right+ and Right-. These are used by all buttons on the right EXCEPT flex steer. Flex steer button has it's own positive wire. Flex steer button does borrow minus wire from right side circuit, meaning that button pulls flex+ to right-.

The bottom left part of this graph explains how the buttons are wired inside the modules:

See the Clock Spring on left down and the buttons below it. There is the LED circuit (ill+ and -), and there is the Audio+ and Audio- circuit. B/T out is not bluetooth! It is a jumper wire to the next module --> from left upper buttons to left lower buttons.
All buttons are wired to the + and - signals. They provide different analog signals based on what amount of resistance is applied between + and - of the circuit. There is increasing amount of series resistance the further from + signal you go.
Right side buttons have the same idea. From right+ to right-, cruise control buttons come first and trip&reset buttons last.

There are a few different wiring sets. I searched online to find pics of these to chase the signals. I had my original base model wiring and found two more or less official wirings: 56190A6500 and 59190 3x250.
Here is color coded wiring.

You will find that the 56190A6500 and 59190 3x250 are the same with one exception: the latter does not have flex steer wire. Pufeite wiring loom is the same as 59190 3x250, but the colors don't match.
Notice how the original wiring jumps signals between right and left side of steering wheel. Also notice in original wiring how the main connector pin 10 is wired directly to pin3 of bottom right module. You will find answer below - keep reading.

When I got the connectors in right order, it started working. But one thing bothered me. I want to have the flex steer button too! I put the flex steer-module in the place of the 2-button piece from pufeite. Also I took the flex steer wire from original wiring loom and put it into my new wiring loom. None of the right side buttons worked.

So I took out the 3-button bottom piece and compared it to the 2-button piece.

3-button piece:

Pink signals run below, green signals up top

2-button piece:

Notice difference: 3-button piece has just 1k1 resistor before Trip-button, while 2-button piece has 560R and 1k1 resistors before Trip-button.
I believe this is because this 2-button piece is designed to be matched with no cruise control or the one that does not have speed control.
This 3-button piece (code: 39Y297-1000) is designed to work with no cruise control or with cruise control including speed limiter function.
They could have had all items work together if they had put the 560R series resistor inside cruise control module that does not have limiter....

In australia it is common to find cruise control without speed limiter combined with flex steer. There must be some difference in the modules.

I modified my 3-button piece by moving the 560R resistor in series with 1k1 resistor. All works now:
Enjoy the view:

I was helped by the threads here. I hope this helps someone!
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