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Grindy gear shifting and EXTREMELY low clutch bite point. Clutch damper?

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Hi people :). I just bought an used 2010 hyundai i30 fd 1.6 crdi 116 hp, 5speed manual, 120k miles. I like everything about the car. The only problem is gear shifting is HARD(requires force to even get it out of gear) and very grindy at times and clutch biting point is extremely low, right off the carpet. The ex owner had a new clutch installed about 1k miles before selling it to me. I changed the transmission fluid with no result, had my mechanic examine my clutch, no leakage in the cylinders whatsoever. I have read a lot about the clutch damper so I wanted to try that. Is it better if I replace the damper with a new one(mitsubishi equivalent), or bypass it and put a sump plug in there? Thank you so much!
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