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i30 7-DCT nearly impossible to drive in traffic jam.

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Hello guys!

Last week i purchased brand new i30. It is 1.5 T-GDI 48V Mild-hybrid with 7-DCT dual clutch transmission. Model year is 2022.

Problem since very beginning has been that car feels very hard/jerky/nearly impossible to drive in traffic jam, and it feels very hard to drive "slowly" in general.

Here the traffic works like: stop->drive with 0-5km/h speed for like 10-15secs->stop->repeat. Sometimes traffic goes longer with that ~5km/h speed.
That slow speed feels very impossible to achieve. When i press throttle just so i can feel clutch kicking in, the car immediately goes to atleast 15-20km/h speed. Maybe its the mild-hybrid technique that boosts too much, dunno?

What happens always is that i try to press throttle as little as possible, but car just goes too fast, so i pretty much immediately have to take foot off the throttle, then because its mild hybrid, it will start regen battery (I can't disable/change behavior of that), and by doing that it slows speed too much, so i have to press throttle again, and same goes on.. its very jerky ride, and i dont know what i can do about it..

Previously i've only driven torque converter transmissions, and i had zero issues in traffic with them. Yes i know DCT is different technique and in general its not best for traffic drive, but can it really be like this bad, in year 2022?

I've tested both ECO and Normal driving modes, no differences really.

I don't believe there is any mechanical problems, after all we are speaking week old brand new car with lesser than 1000km driven totally.

I'm not saying that i'm perfect driver, but car is made for normal people for normal usage, traffic jams are very much normal condition in traffic.

I'd like to hear any recommends or experiences from you guys that what i can do, or can i really do anything to achieve that smooth rush hour experience with this car and transmission?

Thank you beforehand :)
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