Author Topic: 2009 FD 2 litre automatic cw sportswagon, STEERING RACK BALL ADJUSTMENT  (Read 510 times)

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I have checked everywhere I can think of, & my problem is without doubt is freeplay in the right side Ball Assembly that can be located at either end of the steering rack, & once upon a time, in other vehicles these ball assemblies were adjustable in order to remove the freeplay that one feels coming from the unit. I have had the car up on a hoist, & this loose Steering Rack Ball End Ball Assembly  on the right side is where the movement is coming from. My life before (courtesy of a  drunken driver) was as an Automotive  TAFE Teacher, & the Tradesman who checked the source of the wear out with me, was certainly one of the best Automotive Mechanics that left our TAFE College about 18 years ago.
Has anyone else experienced this problem, & is there a fix for it. I would not hesitate to get to it myself, but since being involved in the motor vehicle accident mentioned earlier I am not able to do what I used to take for granted mechanically.
I do hope that someone can assist me with this problem that did not become evident until the i30 had travelled about 215,000 kilometres.
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I have to say its been a long time since I've seen adjustable ones.
I always find Fulcrum Suspensions good for genuine advice.
Google tells me that have an agent up there. Toowoomba Steering and Suspension. Might be worth having a word to them.

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trying to work out which bit. The tie-rod or the tie-rod  end? Never seen or heard of an adjustment to take out the slop, how far back are we going? Once the joint is worn that's it, replace. Maybe finding a complete low K unit from a wreck is an option
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My 8yr pld i30 wagon 1.6 petrol  has developed a slight click\knock when steering to the left. Just came back from having checked and they have said it is the bearing on the power steering rack. They have recommend to replace the rack :( , no mention of any adjustment being possible. Quoted me $1000 sing dollars ($950AUD).

Already had to replace steering bushing for the second time, and power steering angle sensor only a couple of month ago:(. Only just over 90k on the clock.
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