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December 12, 2022, 11:30:52 by 17clarence | Views: 1347 | Comments: 6

Hello All, my 7 and half year old OEM battery is dying, down to 12v now.
It's a 45amp one. I see the replacements are about 54A, so good, but I also see there are some with high CCA.
No idea what I currently have, the standard batteries seem to be 450ish CCA, and the higher ones 540CCA.

Can I put in one with a high CCA? Some websites say don't do it, others, such as battery suppliers, list them as suitable.
The car lives outside, often only used 3 or 4 times a week.
It's a 2015 GD 1.6 petrol.

Any advice welcome!
November 25, 2022, 09:21:25 by Da Tomato | Views: 1282 | Comments: 5

Hello, my mom has a 2009 Hyundai i30 CW and due to a small collision with a pillar she got the driver's side headlight pointing upwards (I think) and it doesn't light the road properly anymore (with both high and low beams).
Since I know that headlight adjustment is an easy DIY I want to ask you where are those adjustment screws located since I found we screws/bolts on/near the headlight assembly but I'm not sure if those are the adjustment screws since they're not labeled or anything.
November 23, 2022, 10:55:00 by Will7878 | Views: 4033 | Comments: 2

Android Auto
Hi, started the car last week and had a message on entertainment screen saying something about software problem, didn’t take much notice and restarted music and it went. Again this morning I had “Application Mona15.exec encountered a serious error and must shut down”
Everything seems to be working ok sound wise but the message stays on the screen.

Would anyone have an idea of the problem?

Thanks in advance.

picture sharing
November 19, 2022, 11:47:11 by AG887 | Views: 3602 | Comments: 4

Hi everyone

I was about to buy a 2015 1.4 I30 but noticed a quite high pitched noise when using the clutch in 1st gear. Is this normal!?

November 17, 2022, 16:30:41 by Trumpetier | Views: 4039 | Comments: 3

Wise Owl
I tried to comment on a thread that was written about this subject a few years ago, but was unable to. My 65 plate i30 diesel yesterday started to speed up when my foot was off the throttle in 3rd gear. I've heard it could be something called "anti stall" but I could of been doing approx 25 mph. I've had the car since January, and have noticed the anti stall feature from stand still , but never like it was yesterday actually driving and in 3rd gear.

My previous i20 diesel never did any of this and this was also a 65 plate.

Is this normal ?
November 14, 2022, 16:28:57 by Spacey5891 | Views: 3530 | Comments: 1

Wont Start
Good evening,

The other day I was driving my Hyundai (2011 i30 2.0 petrol, manual) out of a drive away where it suddenly the “engine ceased”. When I put the clutch in the car “engine locks up” and the peddles are “raised”, and my car won’t start- but does make a clunking noise. About 3 months ago I did have problems with my crankshaft seal and it kept popping off. I did ask the mechanic to do a pressure test but the said “they didn’t have time”.

Could that be related? My car also has been recalled for my part (ecu unit)  since this incident happened. And my clutch was on its way out.

Hope this makes sense. Not really good with cars but I hope someone here can help. 
November 09, 2022, 19:29:34 by houmous | Views: 1875 | Comments: 11

Roof Rack
Hi Guys

I have bought a secondhand 2014 i30 estate, and cannot find a roof rack to fit it, as it has no fixing points.  :scared:

Can anyone help?

Many thanks!

October 24, 2022, 13:39:32 by blt | Views: 1788 | Comments: 5

Belt failure
I have a 2011 i30 FD that needs new drive and alternator belts.

Can someone tell me how tight these belts need to be?
October 23, 2022, 09:31:47 by ElleB | Views: 1614 | Comments: 9

Hi all,
 its been a few years since I was active here... just too much on my plate and if curse the CW has been running like a dream, comfy, economical and all one really needs.
 Alas, it is rego time and so I have to splash out for some new "treads", Just had 75 K click over.

   I was tossing up between Goodyear Eagle F1 A5, or the Bridgestone Turanza or Triple Max.

 I read a lot of reviews and regrettably, some of the types that rate so well, ( on UK bases reviews ) are not available here as yet.
  So... there are heaps of i30s circulating in the forum, so has anyone had any really good recommendations or negatives for that matter?
October 20, 2022, 23:10:06 by welldigger99 | Views: 4858 | Comments: 2

The backlight on the blue led central display panel has failed, making all detail difficult or impossible to read.
Has anyone else experienced the problem, and if so how easy is it to remove the instrument cluster to perhaps carry out a diy repair.
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