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Cruise Control Issues

Divv · 2 · 2020

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Hello i30 owners.
I have a 2013 GD i30 6spd Manual 1.6 CRDI Diesel.
It’s done 200,000ks. Lately, I have noticed the cruise control seems to be a bit dodgy. I will put it on in 4th or 5th and it will work then it will turn of for some reason. Has this happened to anyone else?
Would really appreciate some help here as I am completely stumped.
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Thinking it through, what makes the CC disengage is a signal fed from either the clutch or brake switch. There may be some looseness or compromised insulation on these lines if not faulty switches themselves.

Oh, and if the clock spring is on the way out, it may be sending phantom signals back to cancel CC.
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