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RPM dropping when setting off

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I’ve noticed this before but never thought of it as a major problem until I had an issue with an indicator and whilst Hyundai were fixing it I was given an i20 for a week.

When I set off my RPM drop from X to 1K every time, what ever the mode, how ever slow or quick I release the clutch and how ever much I press the accelerator.

It causes a big jerk when setting off which I had learned to sort of subconsciously predict and ride the jerkiness, but for passengers it’s an uncomfortable take off. But since having the i20 courtesy car and realising how smooth and engaging both the accelerator and clutch felt it’s making me wonder if I’ve got issues with mine that I need to sort whilst it’s still under warranty.

Now I’m back driving my car it’s starting to really bug me. It’s fine from a slow roll start, perfectly smooth. Just starting from a complete stop is the issue.

The jerkiness is more noticeable when you get out of eco mode and into normal or sport mode, I assume because the accelerator is more responsive and you set off quicker in these modes.

Oddly enough, on really steep hill starts where I give it more revs I can set off smoothly more often. I just don’t want to be at 3500rpm every time I want to set off smoothly!

Has anyone got any experience with similar issues?

Will Hyundai check your car for you if it’s under warranty free of charge even if no problems are found or if fixing the problem is not covered by warranty?

The car is a 2020 i30 nline 
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