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August 13, 2021, 23:48:16 by sundiz | Views: 363 | Comments: 2

Bright Idea
My compressor coil broke down some time ago. Just a lot of sweaty driving, but otherwise did not affect the cars performance. I got a service kit, but unfortunately they send wrong part. Kit had a 4pk pulley as the car has 5pk belt system. I thought I might be able to change just the coil, if that would be same size. Yesterday the engine started make nasty sounds. I noticed that the AC compressor bearing broke down. Little bit of measuring with a fishing line and I drove to a parts store to get shorter belt. I placed the shorter belt so that it not going to the ac pulley at all. Seemed to work. At least I was able to drive home with it.

I'#039ve used 1810 and 1815 belts previously with ac. Now I have 1645 belt. Just a tip, if someon...
August 11, 2021, 02:47:23 by Diondede | Views: 655 | Comments: 1

Wont Start
Hi all, I'#039m hoping I can get some help/ advice. I have seen quite a few post about rough idle/ flickering lights / starting issues with their i30 Sr'#039s. but no one mentioning if they have gotten the issue solved.

im starting a new thread so hopefully ill get more responses. but yeah just wanting to know how many people have been effected and how many people have managed to get it fixed?

my super fun journey so far...

2017 PD SR with only 36000km on it

noticed flickering lights and the the idle was abnormally rough, so on my next service I mentioned it and the dealer said "quotbook it in again as we need a full day to look at the transmission and please try get footage of the flickering"quot

August 06, 2021, 20:51:52 by kroner | Views: 791 | Comments: 3

Door Locking
A few months ago, my GD  Premium started having this weird issue where the car would not unlock by pressing the button in the handle.

I thought it was the remote battery, so I got a new one, but the issue remained.
sometimes it would unlock, then relock.
one time it went crazy and kept locking/unlocking, so I'm now unlocking it old school via the remote only.

Anyone has any tips on what this might be?

PS: It does this with any key, on any door.
July 31, 2021, 16:16:03 by BrendanP | Views: 317 | Comments: 1

Windscreen Washer
When the rear washer on my 2015 car stopped working, even though I could hear the pump working, I suspected the check valve was faulty. Unlike the FD where the check valve is concealed under the roof lining, the GD has the valve conveniently located where the hose crosses over the hinge line at the tailgate. All that is required is to pull the hoses off the valve. The end of the valve has a yellow insert, I pulled this out by pushing a round needle file into the bore and pulled it out. Inside is a spring, a piston, and a rubber seal which locates onto the end of the piston. There seems very little to go wrong, but it can stick and stop the water getting through. I re-fitted the valve body to the hoses without any of the internals and the wa...
July 29, 2021, 04:15:57 by harvi | Views: 732 | Comments: 14

Hi all,

I'#039m disapointed with no possibility of windows movement when engine is off. There is only short time period (less than 1 minute after switch off - but it stops immediately if any doors are open in this time - I really don'#039t understand why it is so - for me it is insane) while they'#039re still operational. I want to extend this operability - ideally while all time, while is car unlocked or at least extend the time of power on to about 30min and remove the reset when doors are open.. i.e. I'#039m waiting in parking place waiting for a wife nbsp :P and I want to open or close windows while engine is off... I'#039ve found schematic attached below, so the goal is set power RH and LH relay on while car is not locked. I don'#039t know those...
July 29, 2021, 02:25:22 by Thebigwoodsie | Views: 855 | Comments: 1

I have a 2018 i30 SR with the 1.6T and 7 Speed DCT gearbox. I am experiencing a whining noise that appears to be coming from the transmission. Does anyone have an idea of what the cause may be? The car has only done 35000 kms and serviced regularly.
July 26, 2021, 04:33:07 by RichiJun | Views: 1163 | Comments: 10

Air Con
Dear All,

Needs your kind guidance on problem i am facing.

I have i30 (2012 model, Diesel crdi), i dont use AC so often as i live in a cold country. Last few times, when i tried to start AC, i noticed that it does not start sometimes. I tried to do some experimenting, and found out that if i switch off car and start again with AC already ON, it works (7 out of 10 times). Someone suggested, it could AC Gas is over and i need to refill, but i have a doubt that the behaviour that i have seen and described above, does not point to me as Gas shortage.

Thanks for your inputs.
July 24, 2021, 05:57:54 by Searley10 | Views: 388 | Comments: 4

My front passenger window will go down from the switch but won’t go back up ,although the drivers side can make it go up and down with no issues any help or ideas please ,thanks
July 24, 2021, 00:12:24 by Loop | Views: 468 | Comments: 6

New here and recently a SR owner.
Seems a great little car but the shifting is not quite right.
It hesitates and sometimes goes into an incorrect gear before it finds the correct one.
Put your foot down from a standing start it absolutely leaps off the mark and the problem only surfaces when cruising and a bit extra is asked for mainly on slight inclines or merging into a faster lane and you need some extra speed quick.

In top gear using cruise control at 110kms/hr and you come to a slight hill it starts to hesitate and finally changes down and revs and the speed goes up over the set speed and i have to put my foot on the brake to bring it down to the speed i want.
Even at 80kms/hr it will do the same...
July 20, 2021, 12:08:42 by Johnmiceter | Views: 1612 | Comments: 22

Hi, just wondering is there anyway to auto close the sunroof when you turn the engine off or maybe close the sunroof by the keyfob? I just bought a i30 sr premium and keep leaving it opened when I turn the car off and I keep having to turn it back on to close the sunroof all the time.

I had another car with a sunroof and when you turned the engine off it closed automatically and also had a way to close it with the keyfob.

Also, is there a way for the recycled air button to stay on ? I normally leave this on in all cars I drive so you dont smell all the car fumes and things from the outside and in the i30, it turns off after about 1 min and cant seem to get it to stay on. Is mine broken or something ?
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