Author Topic: Hyundai I30 FD 2009 1.6 crdi 6 gear MT gear knob and reverse lock removal  (Read 856 times)

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Hello everybody!

Please help me with a tutorial/dissasembly guide for the gear shifter knob and reverse lock mechanism in order for me to be able to change the gear shifter plastic components (in the shifter side) because I think these those plastic parts have acumulated wear and I have some problems when I try to engage 1st and sometimes 2nd gear. 1st gear seems to refuse to engage. My car is LHD so in order to engage 1st gear I have to move the gear shifter from the center position ( neutral) to maximum left and the to push it forward. It moves normally to the left but then when I try to push it forward to engage I feel a resistance and I have to put a little effort in it. I have to push it harder than normal to engage (I get the sensation that an obstacle is in the way and once is owerpowered it slips into gear).

I ordered the following parts (part number in attached scheme): 43720A, 43753, 43757C, 43760D, 43761D, 46773B.

In order to remove 43720A (the metalic shifter lever - I guess this is what it's called) I have to remove the gear shifter knob and the reverse locking mechanism that sits under the knob. I can feel the mechanism through the leather boot (cover) but I don't know how to remove them.

I have to remove all the parts that are in the red circle in order to get to the shifter mechanism and change the parts that I ordered. How do I remove them?

I tried to gently unscrew the gear shifter knob but it wouldn't budge so I left it for another day. I am affraid that something might brake if I force it.

The car in question is a Hyundai I30 FD, 2009, 1,6 CRDI, U2 (I guess), 6 gear manual transmission, LHD.
I changer the gearbox oil and the infamous clutch valve (with the Mitsubishi part No. MR319469) and the gearshifting showed a little improvement but it's not perfect at all.

Before changing these 2 parts I think that 4 out of 10 1st gear engagement attempts failed. Now it's down to 1 or 2 but it is anoying.

Please help me.
Thank you very much!
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Hey, I have this issue as well. Did you find a solution?
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