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Hyundai i30 1.6 CRDI D4FB diesel engine problem ????

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Hello all and sorry for my english at start
I have a problem i own a nice combi i30 1.6crdi 2009

Last night it worked fine no strange noises or anything
This morning i try to start it and just a click the engine won't turn on
So i tought well battery/starter/etc starter fuse/relay
I've checked the starter and the bendix will drop down but doesn't turn so i replaced the starter the same thing just 1 click and nothing more
The strange thing is when i try to turn the key on all power in the car it dies and when i stop trying to start the car everything works

I tought the engine siezed so i turned the crankshaft by hand clock wise and no problem it turns
So starter is good ,battery is good,fuses or relays good BUT doesn't even try to turn the engine

I love that little pur pur diesel engine i just hitted 362,500km oil change every 10k km 5w30

Other things oil level is good there isn't any oil in the anti-freeze

Once again sorry for my poor grammar and i hope i get some help in monday i'll get a tow truck to a shop but till then i hope i can fix it with some lill help
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It still sounds life a bad battery to me. Did you check voltage under load?
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How old is the battery?

How did you test the battery?
If tested what volts readings?

Are the leads on the battery fully home a tight?

Have you tried jump starting to see if it starts?
If it does then battery is my main suspect.
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